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Know These Signs of Danger The Police Look For

No-one likes a traffic stop. For us it means anything from an inconvenience to a hefty fine. For the police it means another encounter with the unknown. Initially the cops have no way of knowing who is dangerous and who is not. Accordingly, they train to look for certain warning signs.

Randall at American Concealed posted an article on Signs of Danger Police Look For. You need to read his article and this summary. Then make sure you don’t inadvertently do something to trigger a danger response from the police. Caution and courtesy are everyone’s friends.

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Danger Cues Police Look For

A Bad Attitude. Chris Rock had a comedy routine about how to not get beat up by the police. One of his cardinal rules was being polite. In most cases the officer is just doing his job. Even if he’s in the wrong, there is a better place to fight for your rights – in court. Take it easy on the streets.

Agitation. This is one step above a bad attitude. It indicates to the officer that a driver might become violent. Being upset is one thing. Acting out is another. Cool it.

Clenched Fists and Teeth. These actions demonstrate agitation. They are tell-tale signs of an looming physical attack. Relax.

Furtive Movements. Motion gets attention. Shifting around in your car looks suspicious to the police. Moving around outside of the car looks worse. It can indicate an intention to fight. Just remain calm and remain still.

Overactive Passengers. As driver movement will alert the police, so will movement by others. Please ask your friends to keep the motion quieted while the cop does his job.

Leaving the Car in Drive. This indicates a driver might be preparing to flee. Put the car in park and put the officer at ease.

Lack of Eye Contact. Look the cop in the eyes. The police take looking away as a sign of guilt or suspicion. But don’t overdo it. Don’t have a staring contest. That might signal aggression.

Fumbling for Documents. Your license should be in your wallet or purse. Insurance and registration are in the car. How hard is it to keep track of them? Taking a long time to produce them will make an officer suspicious.

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Follow these tips and avoid suspicion. Again, most of the time the police are just doing their jobs. They look forward to moving on as much as you do. They look for certain signs for a reason. Don’t give them any extra reason to think you’re up to no good.

Remaining calm and acting politely will go a long way towards easing tension during a traffic stop. It’s not a pleasant encounter for either party. Don’t let your anger or fear turn it into something even uglier.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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