Know the Rules of Being the Gray Man

Know the Rules of Being the Gray Man


As we plunge deeper into the 21st century many are becoming convinced that society is regressing – not advancing. There’s a lot of incivility in the culture. In fact, some say what little there is is but a mere facade over barbarism. And it seems the evil and the craziness is always seeking a way to break out.


You don’t want it breaking on you. In many situations, especially after a major SHTF event, you will need to, have to blend in with the surroundings in order to escape and survive. This is the concept of the gray man, someone who is so unremarkable they aren’t even memorable, let alone calling out for attention. Please watch this fine video by the good folks at City Prepping

Video by City Prepping/YouTube.



The three rules, to live by, may be summarized as follows:


Find your Baseline of normality to mimic;


Create no Stimulus to trigger a response from others; and


Blend In.

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Simple, easy to grasp rules, not always so easy to follow. Watch and learn. Then practice what you’ve been taught. Go out, maybe to a new environment, and try to blend in with the crowd. Have someone intentionally look out for you. Can you evade them? If so, you just may be grayed out.


Go gray and get away.


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