Know the Law of Self Defense

Know the Law of Self Defense


More and more Americans carrying guns, legally and for legal use, means the increased risk of a legal interaction after a legal shooting. Even if you’re 100% in the right you may not necessarily be 100% in the clear.


The editors at Lew Rockwell’s Site promote a very good book on Amazon: The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca. Consider buying a copy and reading it; it’s all about knowing the law to protect yourself after you protect yourself. This makes sense in a society seemingly gone nuts.


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Even if you’re justified the odds may still be stacked against you.

“The author presents a very sobering view of how the legal system works for those who choose to defend themselves in a violent encounter. Yes, you may have killed the bad guy, and you may feel that you are right, but if the legal system chooses to pursue your actions, you will have two outcomes; the price tag of your legal defense and your freedom, or, 20 years to life in prison. On several occasions, while reading, I thought that death or serious bodily injury might actually be a good option given the real possibility of jail for the rest of my life, a fate that might be assigned by a gun hostile jury or some real error I made in the deadly encounter.”


If you’re threatened and have to respond you could still face legal challenges after the fact: from a lawsuit to a murder charge. The book explains how knowing your rights and your challenges can protect you as much as a firearm.

“This book is a must read for all gun owners.”

As with anything involving the law, read the resource, and then consult a good firearms law, or criminal lawyer in your State. Paying for a general consultation is worth it if that saves you hassle down the road. Read up.

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