Learn These Nine Street-Smart Urban Survival Skills

Learn These Nine Street-Smart Urban Survival Skills

For a number of years now, Freedom Prepper and many other prepper sites have pushed the awareness of growing civil unrest. Why? Have you looked at the news for even five minutes this year? People in Minneapolis, LA, New York, Kenosha, Portland, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, and just about all other cities can tell you all about it. 

If you read behind the news, as we try to present each weekday at FP, then you know there’s something darker and more organized behind the lawlessness. Call it 4G Warfare, a civil war, a color revolution, or just “peaceful” protests, it’s real and it’s really getting worse. This, sadly, will continue.

My mantra has become: Get Out Of The CITIES! I say this even as I live in the inner suburbs of a smaller metroplex. You know your area and your circumstances best. Know, too, how to survive when the SHTF in any urban area (and, please note that the usual suspects are now bringing the party to small towns and rural areas).

To this critical end, Sootch and Survival Dispatch made a great video about nine things you need to know now.


As he notes, some 80% of us live in some kind of urban environment. Many others visit these cities. They call them concrete jungles for a reason.

All pictures from SD video.

One: The Grey Man Principle

Blend in. Just as the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the man in the MAGA hat gets the treatment from the violent urban communists. These days, that treatment can be deadly.

In any environment, if you stand out, you will be noticed. That’s great if you the attention. But, as we’re fond of saying for our purposes: attention = bad.

If everyone else is dressed up, you should do so too in order to blend in. If they’re in beachwear, your suit will stand out. I hate to write this, but if they’re all wearing face diapers, then… Yeah.

Two: CCW

With the left now armed and on the streets, the idea of gun control is dead in America – for now. And, despite what we see on the news, an armed society is still a polite(r) society.

Use the Second Amendment proudly, if quietly. Get a gun, one that you’re comfortable with, and learn to use it. Jump through the state’s hoops. And then, carry it, especially if you’re headed into a potentially volatile situation.

A word of dire warning: the shooting has started. The other side is serious. If you’re not, then it’s better not to be there than to be placed in circumstances that might not end well. See the case of Kyle Rittenhouse for a lesson in self-defense and “justice.” It may well be “attacked by 100, still judged by 12.”

Explore other defensive strategies as well. Know that we are approaching the time of the offense – this is deadly serious…

Three: Beyond the Gun

Get in shape. That’s the number one takeaway from 2020. You may not be able to outrun pre-madness Bruce Jenner, but you can’t probably out-physical a limp-wristed Antifa pedo.

In all cases, armed or otherwise, be prepared to fight or flee – or both, as needed. Look into self-defense courses if you need to. And, consider military-tested combatives. Think about alternative weapons, the ones you can buy, and the ones you improvise.


This one is huge – in a crowd or anywhere else. Avoid distractions. Travel in groups if possible. And set a baseline of what is or should be “normal.” This will help you decide whether you stand out or not. And it will give you a jump on approaching trouble. Bad things seldom happen without a little warning. Know how to spot it.

Legacy Food Storage

Here’s a hint: if your head’s down in your smart gadget, then your eyes and ears are diverted away from observation. The texts will wait.

Five: Navigation

If you know the area, great: walk on confidently if guardedly. If not, then, please, do a little advanced research before you get there. Try to develop an understanding of the area. This will allow you to get around easier. And it will give you escape options should something happen.

Sootch has some great tips. As a reminder, these days, people rely a little too much on the apps for telling them where to go. Assume that these are inaccurate or that they will suddenly become unavailable. Carry a compass. Take a knowledgeable friend. Read a paper map. Whatever it takes.

Six: Don’t Be “There”

Sometimes, the unexpected visits normally peaceful places. But, usually, in American cities, there are known no-go zones. These may be semi-permanent or they may pop up based on circumstances. Avoid them.

The easiest way to avoid trouble is to avoid it entirely and from the beginning. If some area does not look right, then that might be your intuition telling you to get away. Listen.

Would you be comfortable here?

Seven: Don’t Go It Alone

There is strength in numbers. That’s why football teams play with a full eleven players and armies are composed of multiple soldiers. You’re less likely to be attacked if there are many of you.

If you’ve paid attention to the reports of late, it’s generally people who are alone or in smaller numbers that get the unpleasant attention from the thugs. We are seeing scenarios where large groups are squaring off, but those are – for now – outliers. Don’t worry about them, just avoid them.

There’s probably more of them, so don’t face them by yourself:

Eight: Beware Politics

News flash: most of the “peaceful protesters” are leftists, of the not-so-peaceful bent. They have their ideology, just as you have yours. It’s important to stand for principles, but there is a wise limit.

Know when to exercise better judgment, discretion as valor. You’re not going to win any points or arguments with these lovely people – so don’t try. Assume they are not logical and will resort to violence as the default. That’s what’s happening and people are getting killed. Don’t be one of them.


Ha! Here, the old Perrin makes you watch the video trick. There are many more than nine good points. Here’s another picture for a hint:

Now, please, 

Watch the Video!

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Check out the Survival Dispatch Channel.

And, don’t overlook their Website, for Survival 101 and more!

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