Let Slip The DOGS Of Prepping

Let Slip The DOGS Of Prepping

It’s time for another video review! This one is most highly recommended and is from the prepping genius of the Canadian Prepper. And it’s all about the importance of our canine friends for survival and preparedness. You’re going to love it whether you’re a dog lover, a dog liker, or something in between. 

Man has lived with and depended on the domesticated dog for millennia. They offer companionship, friendship, someone to talk to (who never back talks!), protection, and more. CP has a great rundown of how dogs fit in with the prepper lifestyle and why it makes perfect sense to keep, train, and trust a dog.

Think of “Timmy” as a proto-prepper. Without Lassie, he’d still be down the well. Let the well represent any of 10,000 SHTF situations, large or small, that we face, and the value of the four-legged friend becomes obvious.

(All pics captured from CP video on YouTube).

Do Your Job!

Dogs serve many rolls, in general, and for preppers. CP goes through all of them in detail.

The Watchdog

With heightened hearing and sense of smell and that uncanny “dog sense,” dogs are ideal for detecting and preventing threats. They can literally sniff out an area. They can stand guard of you, your area, and any other animals. They can alert you to danger. Their bark may be worse than their bite, but that may be all it takes to scare off a baddie. Many breeds – and some are better than others – can attack, both to scare and to put down an attacker.

Joke Time!

Just because, Perrin thought of an old humorous story that makes a good point. You see, long ago, a burglar broke into a house while the family was away. He immediately encountered the family’s pet … parrot. The bird followed the crook around and balked out, “Jesus will get you!” Room to room, the thief looted the house. And, in each room, the parrot kept warning: “Jesus will get you!”

“Jesus will GET YOU!”

This made the burglar, who as it happened was an atheist, very angry. But he kept going. Finally, in the living room, his flashlight illuminated the huge form of a snarling German Shepherd. While the hoodlum gulped in fear, the parrot landed on the dog’s head and said, “Jesus … get him.”

Ahem, there’s…


Dead bird!

Nothing picks up a duck, dove, or other small game like a dog. And they can help you find larger prey animals (like deer) after the shot. Again, some are better than others in these roles.

Dogs also come in handy for other things, like controlling certain pests and even hauling gear. Yes, that can even include a dog team pulling a sled with you on it.

Emotion Support

Sometimes it just pays to have someone around who will listen and always agree with you. All good people like dogs. All dogs like good people. This is a beautiful relationship. Many people are convinced that dogs can understand much of what we say whether that means hearing our voices or reading our body language.

Take Care!

CP even goes through some good reasons to exercise due caution when handling dogs. Some (few) breeds can be dangerous to people, especially children and the elderly. They’re descended from wolves after all. Be careful; he even mentions the specter of legal problems in the event something gets out of hand.

He (and we) want to help you avoid problems, not create them.

The video puts all the information together in excellent form. So, now, please:

Watch the VIDEO:

(Canadian Prepper/YouTube).

Be sure to visit the Canadian Prepper Channel, which is somehow allowed to operate deep inside the enemy territory of YouTube. There, one will find video after video about all things prepping, survival, and more. Check it out.

Also, don’t neglect the CANADIAN PREPAREDNESS Website

What are you looking for? Odds are, you’ll find it at CP! (He even offers free shipping on certain purchase amounts in the USSA and CAN)!

The dog days of summer are now, mercifully, behind us. But dogged determination will make things easier in any season or situation. Man’s best prepper friend will be there to help, no matter what. 

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