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Are Liberals The New Faces Of Prepping? What Is The “Trumpocalypse”?

Prepping, let’s be honest, has usually been a right wing sport. When I started writing here, I was told the audience was mostly Republican, libertarian, or a mix. It’s not really the political ideology that counts, it’s the spirit of self-reliance. And that just happens to lean a little more conservative.

But is that about to change? Michael Snyder suggests it may. He wrote an article at InfoWars recently about the rise of the liberal preppers. It sounds funny but it’s true.


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Meet The New Preppers, Same As The Old Preppers?

Snyder points to the Trumpocalypse, the fear on the left that the new administration will wreck the country. That has them suddenly interested in bugging out, alternative power, survival foods, and guns. It’s kind of like what conservatives have been doing the past eight years.

“Just before the election, CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey found that only 15 percent of all Republicans believed that the economy would improve over the next year, but after the election that number skyrocketed all the way up to 74 percent.

But among Democrats it is a different story altogether.  That same CNBC survey found that optimism about the economy on the left fell by more than half after the election.  At this point, it is sitting at just 16 percent.

It would be hard to overstate how negatively many on the left feel about Trump.  We have seen many of them take to the streets to angrily protest his election, and according to the BBC others have decided to stockpile food and guns in preparation for social and economic collapse…”


In other words, the shoe is now on the other foot. The left now sees things as those on the right have for some time. And they want to prepare accordingly.

“So could we see “social and economic collapse” under Trump? Despite the wild optimism that we are seeing on the right at the moment, without a doubt this is a possibility.”

Many are optimistic that Trump really will make America great again. But what if he doesn’t? What if he can’t? There are powerful forces at work trying to usher in globalist controls. The president is only one man and one part of the government.

And the government aside, non-economic or non-political disaster don’t care who is in the white house. A tornado or a flood hits conservatives and liberals just the same. So it makes sense for both to keep on prepping.


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In conclusion, let me address any new, left-leaning readers: welcome! I’m not sure about your politics and I honestly don’t care. I’m just glad you’ve decided to take on self-reliance. If you fear is that a Trump government won’t help you, you may be right. Guess what? The government was never going to help. That’s up to you.

I might give a similar caution to Trump supporters. Don’t stop just because “your” candidate won.

Instead, let’s all forge ahead and prepare for whatever happens. This movement isn’t about politics at all. It’s about reality. And reality can be harsh sometimes.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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