Lighten the BOB for a Faster, Easier Bug Out

Lighten the BOB for a Faster, Easier Bug Out


If you absolutely have to get out of Dodge, then it usually pays to do so quickly.


And this is for those times when hunkering down is not an option, when you have to bug out. And it’s a consideration for the go bag rather than the overall plan or system.


You’ll want your bug out bag as light and ready, easy to tote as possible. Here’s a short list of items to rethink or eliminate altogether.


Legacy Food Storage

Picture by BeSurvival.


Please read this article from Be Survival for more information.

Do you really need to carry, on your back, in your bag:


A tent?


Sleeping bag(s)?

Legacy Food Storage


Anything cast iron?!


Excess dinnerware?






Bottles of water?


Flares/flare gun?


Canned food?


Books or guides?


The answer each of those is probably “no.” That’s not to say you might not need something like them but you can either leave it in the vehicle or get by with a lighter alternative.

Check with the original for tips on how to do just that , how to lighten it up for going faster and easy.


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