Lights Out! Power Rationing in Venezuela

Lights Out! Power Rationing in Venezuela


It keeps getting worse for our neighbors in the South American nation. Last week I did an entire video, my longest ever, on what we can learn from the unfolding disaster. Every day it seems there’s a little more, and one more story. Here’s todays:


Anggy Polanco and Isaac Urrutia fro Reuters, report, here via Yahoo News, on the latest calamity in Venezuela – rolling, planned power cuts. Learn more there; check the summary, here:


Picture by Reuters/Yahoo.


The feature picture shows a patient, lying in bed, in a hospital without electricity. I mentioned the medical refugees fleeing the country a few days ago. This is one reason why. I mentioned it in my video.


“Venezuela imposed electricity rationing this week in six western states, as the crisis-hit country’s creaky power grid suffered from a drought that has reduced water levels in key reservoirs needed to run hydroelectric power generators.

The four-hour formal outages began on Thursday. But many residents scoffed at the announcement, wryly noting that they have been suffering far more extended blackouts during the last week.”



We have these every once in a while. They’re called rolling blackouts. And they’re a pain. Here, they are used to prevent catastrophic shutdown under emergency overload scenarios. In Venezuela the emergency has become the norm. Once more: this is your modern nation on socialism.


Legacy Food Storage

There’s no money or resources to run or upgrade power production. So, they have to selectively shut it down to stop overloads which could (probably still do) kill the whole system. The recent drought has only made matters worse but they were bad enough to begin with.


Now. Rest assured, dear readers. I’m sure the leaders, the elite, those most equal among the citizenry, still have power. It’s probably diverted for their needs in especial. It’s funny how that always works.


Some people spend more than four hours in the dark – and the humid heat.


And, for those who can get a steady supply of juice, the prices have skyrocketed. Inflation and hyperinflation do that. More gifts from the central planners to the common people. If you can no longer afford it, then you get a permanent blackout.


Homes, schools, churches, businesses, offices, and even hospitals are affected. Imagine if you needed an operation, the doctors were about to get started, and then the lights went out. We might call that more than a mere inconvenience.


The situation is getting worse not better.


Again, we present all of this not so much to generate sympathy for our southerly friends – they voted for this – but to raise awareness that it could all happen here. As noted above, it sometimes does, even under normal conditions.


There are things you can do to save yourself from such a fate.


Practically, and as a prepper, invest in alternative power and a lifestyle not so prone to being hit hard by such lack. This may be easier said than done but it can be done.


Also easier said than done is avoiding the econo-political mess that generates these problems. We drift further everyday towards mass totalitarianism in America. The people seem to love it: the lies, broken promises, crime, decay, and failure. This says something about human nature. You cannot hope to change that but you don’t have to be a part of it.


Reject statism in all its evil forms. Let it be lights out for communism, not for your house.

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