Lilly and the $100 Dollar Survival Kit

Lilly and the $100 Dollar Survival Kit


Some have noticed and commented before that prepping isn’t the cheapest hobby or lifestyle. Going all out for a luxury, self-sustaining retreat can cost a literal fortune. Even the basic supplies to ride out one short-term emergency can be a little pricey.


Still, there are savings available if you look for them. Depending on what you’re prepping for you can gear the budget accordingly. In today’s video Survival Lilly puts together a basic survival kit, a BOB or sorts, all for just $100. Please watch:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



It’s not a complete plan for dealing with social breakdown or an ice age. But it is a good start; it should be enough for temporary survival under most circumstances.


For only a Benjamin Lilly has: sleeping, shelter, water, cooking, and protection all rolled into one little kit. Add in some security items, personal items, and a little food and water, and you’re set.


If you’re just getting started and feel overwhelmed, then consider this an ideal way to start.


Legacy Food Storage

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