Lilly Builds a Simple Emergency Woodland Shelter

Lilly Builds a Simple Emergency Woodland Shelter


Scenario: you’re hiking in the woods. Bugged out or whatever. Night comes as it invariably does. Where do you lay your head down to rest in relative safety and comfort?


The lovely Lilly, Survival Lilly, has and demonstrates the answer in today’s video. Check out her easy to build woodland survival shelter:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



Two trees is all that it takes to start. Luckily, if you’re walking in the woods, you’ll be absolutely surrounded by options! The rest consists of three semi-fashioned small branches – provided by all the trees, smaller branches (also from the trees), and greenery (yes, again from the trees). Lilly wisely adds a plastic tarp she carried in her pack.


And, speaking of the pack, all the construction tools necessary – hatchet, folding saw, and knife, are easily carried in the same backpack or BOB.


I’m not sure about time lapse and editing but it could not have taken her that long to lean this one to. E. Z.


Legacy Food Storage

There are numerous additions one could make to the design. For starters, in cooler weather (or to cook, etc., a fire can go right in front of the shelter. Then, to shield all from the wind, a simple log wall can be constructed in front of the fire. Heck, a few more simple log walls and you have a fort. The project begins to take on a more permanent nature.


And it’s all in nature using the materials God provides. As is, here’s Lilly and the finished project:



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