Lilly Offer Tips for Improved Archery

Lilly Offer Tips for Improved Archery


Archery has been a staple of hunting, sport, and defense (and warfare) for thousands of years. Confessional note: I haven’t shot any kind of bow in decades; I don’t think I’ve ever even owned a real bow or quiver. Guns and blades, here. Anyway, lovely Survival Lilly is not averse to shooting arrows with Cupid.


In today’s video feature she hones here skills in the woodlands. Please watch and learn – if you’re into archery or want to give it a … shot:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



Release is critical for accuracy. Even I remember that from ages back.


She covers that and:




Legacy Food Storage





Bow history, and




Again, bow shooting isn’t for everyone. William Tell I am not. Yet the sport offers many advantages of modern weaponry. It’s quite. It’s renewable. You can actually make your own weapons. And, it’s fun.


So, if you’re so inspired, string it up and shoot an apple off your kid’s head.*


*Please don’t try that last trick…


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