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How to Make and Fill Your Own Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Preppers know the importance of a bug out bag. And a bug out vehicle. And a home, maybe a retreat to, fortified and well supplied. But, what about everyday carry of items when the BOB is a little cumbersome?

For those instances where you don’t need total protection, consider the Pill Bottle Survival Kit. Patrick Blair wrote an easy how-to article at Survival at Home. Check it out:

The Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Photo by Clip Art Kid.

Blair recommends several variations of the bottle kit. First, he stocks one with a variety of common items. They include:

  • 550 paracord, wrapped around the bottle;
  • A ring hook for easy attachment;
  • A compass;
  • Matches;
  • A candle;
  • Mini flashlight;
  • Index car;
  • Dental floss;
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers;
  • Some OTC medications;
  • band-Aids;
  • Cleaning wipe;
  • A little foil;
  • Cash
  • A razor; and
  • Fishing line.

It’s amazing how much one can stuff into a small container. And Blair has more ideas. Since these things are so easy to cook up, he has other variations. Like:

A Fishing Bottle Kit:

  • Hooks;
  • Line;
  • Sinker.

A Mini Medical Kit:

  • Pain pills;
  • Allergy meds;
  • Bandages;
  • Wipes; and
  • Tweezers.

He encourages all of us to use our imaginations. That actually seems like good advice. How many different uses can you think of?

Photo by Patrick Blair / Survival At Home.

This idea is as ingenious as it is easy and simple. Everyone has access to a pill or other, suitable and small bottle. And it only takes a minute or two to add the items you need. You probably have everything at home right now.

Why not make a kit – or two – and put them back for the next emergency. It’s a pill that’s easy to swallow.

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