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Modern medicine has definitely come a long way especially in the last few years. But what happens if the economy tanks, the grid goes down or some other disaster happens and you find yourself trekking through the woods with no access to modern medicine?

You better start learning about natural remedies, and a great place to start is with medicinal plants that can be found growing naturally all across the county.


1. Digitalis Purpurea (Foxglove or Lady’s Glove)


“Cultivated and naturalized in the U.S. The dried leaves constitute the drug Digitalis or Foxglove.”

Digitalis causes a rise in Sodium and in Calcium, which causes the heart to beat stronger and with a more regular rhythm. It is used particularly for the irregular (and often fast) atrial fibrillation. (Source)

Digitalis is often prescribed (nowadays) for patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Digitalis was approved for heart failure in 1998 under current regulations by the FDA on the basis of prospective, randomized study and clinical trials. The drug is called digoxin.

2. Hydrastis Canadensis (Goldenseal, Orangeroot or Yellow Puccoon)


“Native of Eastern US and Canada. The dried rhizome and roots constitute the drug Hydrastis or Golden Seal.”

Goldenseal became so popular in the mid-nineteenth century that by 1932, that the herb almost became extinct in the US.

Its influence upon the mucous surfaces renders it the most important natural cure in catarrhal gastritis and gastric ulceration. It supersedes all known remedies as a local, and also as a constitutional tonic when this condition is present. (Source)

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