Modern Cars Can Teach Us About The Crisis in Venezuela

Modern Cars Can Teach Us About The Crisis in Venezuela


Really. Depending on how you look at them, modern cars are either the most wondrous inventions this side of the Space Shuttle or else they’re disasters waiting to happen. More computer than automobile anymore, they are extremely complicated. Factor in some sort of prepper’s nightmare situation and you have your disaster on wheels.


Venezuela, as you know, is currently in the grips of a social, political, and economic catastrophe.


A real Venezuelan Prepper relates to us some of the country’s troubles over at The Prepping Guide. And he does so through his Toyota SUV. This may have more impact for Americans than you might think. Pay attention.

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This article doesn’t apply to you if you have a PhD from Georgia Tech and a fully stocked machine shop. Not you? Then read on:


Most cars of the past decade, almost all new cars, and everything the industry is planning to build in the future runs by way of computerization. The days of lifting the hood, grabbing a wrench, and tweaking something are over. Seriously, have you even seen the inside of a newer engine compartment? Were you able to discern the engine? Anything else?


It’s all wires, covers, sensors, and computers out the wazoo. New cars can have five or more CPUs, which should (should) interface with each other – and maybe the greater web. What outsiders can do to your car is scary but what’s bolted on the frame is bad enough.


Our deeeeeep South prepper friend relates a little of the horror that has become daily life in that formerly prosperous country.

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“The writer of these posts is a middle-class Venezuelan prepper, in a country which has the world’s highest inflation rate at more than 4000%. Venezuela is an economic collapse nightmare with extreme shortages of food, violent crime, severe hunger, a crippled economy, crumbling infrastructure, collapsed healthcare system, and a failing government.”


This is what you get when you (or enough of your neighbors) embrace socialism. It can happen anywhere. Watch out!


With a whole society on tilt it can become difficult, impossible even, to maintain the usual standards and way of life. Things like … routine car maintenance don’t work well without money, power, fuel, etc.


This prepper bought a newer Toyota SUV, normally one of the gold standards for commuting, bugging out, or anything else. But even the gold needs polishing sometimes.

His warning is simple: don’t over-rely on modern technology (like a new SUV). Why?

“Why have I taken up this stance against relying on technology? Because my fancy Japanese SUV has been busted for almost two years. The expensive repairs need a highly skilled, certified mechanic, with the right tools and knowledge to do the job. Had I bought a more mechanically simpler and easier car to work on, it would be already done.”


He’s a prepper and a writer so he must be handy. In older times, such men could fix their own mechanical issues – most of the time. THAT GUY down the street could take care of the rest. Now? Now you need a team of NASA engineers to operate on just about any kind of vehicle. Let the economy completely collapse and all options are gone. The ultimate bug out vehicle become the ultimate paper weight.


Read about his mechanical problems and what they turned into. All cars wear and tear. Usually a trip to the dealer or other mechanic does the trick. Karl Marx, however, did not plan for these events in his little game plan – the one they executed in Venezuela and that they’re trying to implement here in America.


Serious stuff.


Odds are, if you have to have a newer – and most of us do, there will be someone around who can fix it. You need to know who that is. Build a network of people you can rely on for those things you cannot take care of yourself. Make this a part of your general plan and especially think about it for SHTF situations.


You can expand this concept beyond cars – medical needs, security, food, etc. will be harder to come by. Know THAT GUY for each area you think is important.


As bad as the Venezuela Prepper has it, he’s attempting to overcome the odds. This won’t be easy but he’ll do it. Read how and take heart – and make notes.


I’m glad I found this fellow and I wish him all the best, him and his people. And we should all thank him for letting us really know what it’s like on the inside of a country gone wrong. We’re closer to that, here, than most imagine.

**The Venezuelan Prepper is Jose M. A middle-class Venezuelan professional with a family who, before coming to live in a societal collapse, enjoyed holidaying, hiking, outdoors and evenings with his family. Now, he’s a prepper trying to survive in the world’s highest inflated economy. You can support him through his Paypal donation link [on the original article].

For more information on what has become of modern automobiles, please consult: Eric Peters Autos (Always the Truth About Cars).

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Socialism and civilization are like oil and water. They do not mix. You need to act as your own “fuel filter” to keep the poisoned water of the State out of the system. Otherwise, … read that original.


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