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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Walk 30 Min a Day for Much Better Health

Study Finds

CDC Hints Around at Autism-Vaccine Connection

Lew Rockwell/Collective Evolution

MSM Says Preppers are Selfish Hoarders

Daisy Luther

Oil Prices Plunge. Gas to Follow?


Stocks Follow. DOW Plunges on Monday


Treasury Yields…

Yahoo! Finance

Congress May Close (Let’s Hope…)

NBC “News”

Legacy Food Storage

MUST KNOW: When Virus is Moderate v. Severe


Germany: Kentler Experiments: Pure Evil (MUST READS) for Parents 

Vox Day/The Sun

Criminal Corporate CEOs Continue to Resign

Wall Street Journal

Dr. Bones on the N95 Face Mask (VIDEO)

Dr. Joe/YouTube

Mama Bear’s Reality Check (List)

Survival Blog

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