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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Homeschool or Private Schools are a Must for Boys

Anthony Esolen/Crisis Mag

Seriously! Homeschool (VIDEO)

“Cringe Panda” – Aware Gen-Zer

Stick with Sugar – Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Illness

The Hour

CDC Dedicated Page on COVID-19


Not Right: “Conservatives” Play Socialism for Corona-Eco Matrix…

CBS News

The Vaccine Could Be Much Worse

Bill Sardi

Life Under National Quarantine, Italy

Stamford Advocate

Legacy Food Storage

Prepping Us for Martial Law?

John Whitehead

Joe Biden on the 2A: “Full of sh*t!”


Baby Murder Holiday in MN; Sign of the Times

CBS Local

Stay Safe! While Canning…

Prairie Homestead

Amazon Banning More Books? Even About Pandemics?

Organic Prepper

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