Here’s How Much Snow You Can Expect This Winter And When It Will Start


At last fall is in the air. And that means winter is just around the corner. Those of us living in the great Southern oven relish this time of year. Winter means cooler temperatures and a chance for a little snow. Elsewhere they expect a little more of the white stuff.

How much snow are you getting this winter? And when will it first appear? The Weather Channel and Jon Erdman have some answers. Check out their article on Winter Snow Averages and Start Dates.

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Winter Wonderland? Snow By Region


Weather Channel.

New York and Boston, of course, get their share of snow. Here’s when to first expect it and how much they usually see.


Weather Channel.

These averages are pretty similar to the Northeast. In fact, jet-stream wise, they usually get many of the same winter storms as the East and New England.


Weather Channel.

The mountainous areas can get a ridiculous amount of frozen precipitation. There’s a reason skiing is so popular.

Down South

Weather Channel.

Yes, we get snow down South. Just not as much as in other places. Of course, our higher elevations see more than the average. Those of us flatlanders are happy with our 2 or 3 flakes per season.

Also from Freedom Prepper:

Farmer’s Almanac Says Brutal 2016-17 Winter

Don’t get snowed in. Or, if you do, make the most of it. Now you have all the information to prepare.

If you live in the snowier parts of the nation, odds are you probably know what to expect. Those of us below the Mason-Dixon Line need a little reminder. And, if you just moved somewhere new, you’ll appreciate the tips.

Break out the mittens and season the firewood. Winter is coming.

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