Do NOT Bump Off the Bump Stock

Do NOT Bump Off the Bump Stock


It’s “gun thursday.” That’s because guns, and because it’s thursday. Anyway, GOA put out their “State of the Union” for the 2A. Read that. And watch the following video from that fine group. It’s about bump stocks – those fun, useful, and (for now) legal add-ons that almost make for automatic fire.


The control freaks of the left and “our” totalitarian government want to do away with these simple devices. The funny thing is, that with a little practice and a steady hand (and maybe a rubber band), one can bump fire almost any rifle without modification. That’s demonstrated here:


Video by GOA/YouTube.



There’s a reason that fellow is smiling. But our smiles could get turned upside down if the ATF restricts easy access to aftermarket bump stocks. You can help stop that from happening. After the video there’s a link to GOA’s movement to set the feds straight. Join in. Our rights are at stake.


While we’re at it, we could also consider a petition to Congress to just get rid of the ATF and all federal gun control period. Then – and now we move into fantasy – we could petition them to wrap up and do away with the rest of the government.


Okay, let’s stick to what’s possible – for now. Bump stocks: bump off the regs or they will bump off freedom.


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