NRA Schools College Professor on Crime Stats

NRA Schools College Professor on Crime Stats


Just like SJWs, gun grabbers always lie. Always.


So, whenever you hear any gun control communist issue “study” results, recite statistics, or just open his mouth – know he’s lying. Here’s an example:


John L. Donohue III is a law professor at Stanford. He’s also an economist. His Stanford bio page says he is “well known for using empirical analysis to determine the impact of law and public policy in a wide range of areas.” Those areas obviously do not encompass firearms ownership or crime statistics.


Professor Donohue issued a report alleging that increased concealed carry increases violent crime. I recall reading somewhere that CCW holders are statistically the least criminal class in America, committing fewer crimes than police officers. I can’t get my hands on those exact facts right now – kind of like Donohue who made his claims despite admitting to having no evidence to back them…


The NRA-ILA stepped in with the actual numbers in a story by Awr Hawkins. Please read their refutation of Donohue’s anti-empirical analysis.


Ask an Indian how this stuff works out… Photo by Harold’s Blog.


“Stanford University professor and researcher John J. Donohue has released a study in which he claims to demonstrate that “right-to-carry laws increase violent crime.” At the same time, the Los Angeles Times quotes Donohue saying he wishes he “just [had] better information about the people who commit crimes who have right-to-carry permits.” Not surprisingly, he blames the NRA for his inability to find the needed information.”


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Needed information is like empirical evidence. Any lack is no matter for the SJWs – never let the truth stand in the way of communism!


The one and only John Lott (an honest researcher) seems to have found the evidence Donohue was missing – though it probably isn’t what Donohue would have liked to have found:


“Donohue claims that permit holders are committing violent crimes at high rates (actually his claim rests on them committing aggravated assaults with firearms), but the evidence from state police shows that permit holders are incredibly law-abiding. His response is that somehow all the police departments across the US are making mistakes in missing out on these crimes, but he offers no evidence for this claim.

Take the data for Texas in the newest report from the Crime Prevention Research Center. In 2016, only 0.00067 percent of permit holders were convicted of an aggravated assault (with or without a firearm). And there is the presumption that some of Texas’ 1.2 million permit holders would have committed such a crime even if concealed handgun permits weren’t allowed. (Of course, this ignores any benefits from these permit holders.)

There is a reason that over two-thirds of published, peer-reviewed studies find that Right-to-Carry laws reduce violent crime rates in the U.S. (see All but one other paper, another by these authors, has claimed that Right-to-Carry laws exert no bad influence on any violent crime rates. Donohue keeps making the same statistical mistakes over and over again, and he never even bothers to explain why he is ignoring these critiques.”



Lott of course is the author of the study that demonstrated More Guns = Less Crime. Then again, he uses facts and valid methodology.


Just remember that for every lie the gun grabbers spout, our side will be right there with the truth. These people are going to be an ongoing battle in the never ending war for freedom. We’ll just have to keep on winning.


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