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The Odds of More Gun Control May Not be in Our Favor



The Odds of More Gun Control May Not be in Our Favor


Right now, as I’m typing this, the young people of our high schools are preparing to walk out of class. They’re doing so in a clamor for more gun control, the illogical and emotional response to the Parkland, FL high school shooting a few weeks back. Impressionable and mislead kids can be forgiven. Politicians, corporatists, globalists, and communists cannot be let off the hook. Nor can we forget them or take an eye off them. They are plainly dangerous to our liberty. They want you and me disarmed and made helpless.


Chad Nabors and Survival Sullivan ponder the prospects for more gun control in the US, including a ban. It’s really not that good (for us). Florida, a few other states, and the DOJ have acted already to impose more idiotic restrictions on the free, innocent people. So, how far are we from a total ban in the US? Read on:


Picture by Moms Demand Communism/Medium.


“We are less than 3 months into 2018, and due in large part to a recent string of highly publicized, tragic shootings perpetrated by the murderously deranged, our 2nd Amendment rights are once again under assault.



Reactionary opposition groups, political partisans and politicians themselves have wasted no time in seizing the initiative, counting on a tide of grief and anger to carry their agenda through to implementation. Make no mistake: a widespread, radical ban on firearms in the U.S. is as likely as it has been in decades.”



He says it is his intention to prime Americans for what could happen to their guns. And, by golly, he does one heck of a good job. Please read the original and see the history, the laws, and the hysteria that have us all in danger.


Statutes of Fraud (Legal Wordplay…):


National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA)

Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA)

Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA)(Thanks, Gipper!)


Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993

Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (expired, thank God)


All of these – and there are some more – are all unconstitutional. The Second Amendment is really the only gun law we need. But it is roundly ignored. The above are all federal laws. Factor in state and local ordinances and we have a lot of controls over guns in this supposedly free country.


Nabors lists a few of the 2A Court cases which have shaped policy over the past 80 years:


United States v. Miller (Just dead wrong and usually misinterpreted)

United States v. Emerson (a localized, Fifth Cir., move in the “right” direction)

Parker v. District of Columbia (the 2A actually means what it says)

District of Columbia v. Heller (linked with Parker)


I’ll add McDonald v. Chicago, which incorporated the 2A against state laws.


The last four (modern) cases, as good as they are, all allow room for “reasonable” restrictions, which don’t exist. Says Perrin: there should be two requirements for owning a gun: 1) you should want to own it, and; 2) you should be able to pay for it. That’s all we need. Our “leaders” don’t seem to get that.


Nabors does a great job of summarizing the current push(es) for more gun controls.


Illinois, California, Florida, New England states, and the feds are pushing it. The mad moms are pushing. Tide Pod-eaters are pushing. Big companies. Communists. Globalists. I’ve never seen such a rush to the psychotic ends of Marxism.


“To say 2A supporters in his base are horrified is an immense understatement. It has been reported by the NRA-ILA (National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action) that after a late night visit and meeting with the President that he has backtracked on that comment, and all is well, but this has created a feeling of severe uncertainty, of a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” among conservatives .


The single biggest threat to gun ownership today is bill HR 5087. This bill, if passed intact, will restrict entire categories of firearms and magazines.”



Horrible restrictions – without reason.


He also puts blame squarely on the “conservative,” who never seem to conserve anything. Do not trust spineless, moronic, sell-out Republicans to save us. They’re part of the problem.


We must wake up and do what we can to save the 2A and freedom in this late hour.


Nabors has good suggestions for where to start. At FP, we’re running good gun stories in the news to counter some of the hysteria. Please spread the word. Spread it now, or risk losing the guns (and freedoms) later. And later may not be that many years away.


Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

Writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom ​​and​​ ​​more​​ ​​​​at​​​​.​​ ​​His weekly National Affairs Column - never a dull read - appears at The Piedmont Chronicles​​​​. THE SUBSTITUTE​​ is his first Novel. He​​ ​​is​​ ​​still none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.


Excellent Ideas from an Experienced Survivalist to Homestead in an Apartment



After watching the 1999 romantic comedy, ‘Blast from the Past,’ I had always wondered about the genius of Dr. Calvin Webber who managed 35 years in an underground shelter. His wife gave birth to an only child Adam, who ventured out into the outside world for the first time in his 35th year. The point is the film convinced its viewers very realistically that it is possible to live isolated for at least 35 years if we make meticulous plans. 

History is overloaded with numerous examples of self-sufficient lifestyles. Many communes had developed their norms to survive and maintain law and order within their secluded lands. There are many anecdotes about people living their lives without interacting with the external world. The “Lena and Ole” compilations are based on Norwegians who chose the upper lands of the Midwest as their foster homes. Here is a one-liner, 

“Ole painted the barn in July and had put on two jackets because the user manual of the paint said- Put on two coats!”

This is an inadvertent simple joke that has no ill intentions. Will Rogers once said, “Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else.” Homesteading is no easy task. At the same time, it is a style that has no substitute once you get used to it. 

The Age of Information

Our generation is blessed with information at our fingertips, I mean, literally. Today a shepherd boy living in a remote African village has more information on his smartphone than was available only to the President of the United States at a certain age. My point is that the film ‘Blast from the past’ could not be conceived today nor would Ole put on two jackets to paint the barn. Homesteading is fine for people who live on “land,” but what about the inhabitants of apartments? 

The Homesteading Lifestyle

What happens in a homestead that is independent of the outside society? The inhabitants have the necessities within the confines of their boundaries for a decent existence. Let us have a look at the methods used by homesteaders to live. First we need to define the term in simple language.

An individual, a family, or a whole society can live within the set geographical limits of a designated area. We are talking about homesteading in an apartment, so let us focus on an individual or a small family. 

Definition of Homesteading in an Apartment

A single-family existing within the household compound of an apartment building to live, work, and earn can be defined as homesteading. 

This layman’s definition will give rise to a lot of questions which we shall be attempting in the content that follows. 

OK, let us now get on with living our dream life homesteading in our apartments.

A Farm Inside the Apartment

I will begin by growing my food and advance on to sophisticated produce along the way. Start small by growing your salad bowl.

i. Get hold of enough grow bags or containers. Search the net for required sizes and DIY ideas.

ii. Prepare the soil by using proper potting mix.

iii. Tomato is a good option- cherry tomato would be my suggestion. 

iv. Other plants for our salad bowl should be lettuce and basil plants. 

v. Take care of the plants with good nursing practices. Place them on the balcony where there is enough sun.

vi. Carrots can be grown inside car battery covers in the interior of the apartment.

vii. You can make organic fertilizer at home. 

You are now the proud owner of an organic farm. 

Tip: Grow lights can substitute for the sun.

Other Items I Can Grow

Once you get the hang of interior farming, we can move on to other crops. 

Strawberries: They can be grown in containers or grow bags, but need a hydroponic watering system. We will discuss that later. 

Herbs: Mints, lavender, and rosemary are good choices. They will come in handy to prepare a good cup of hot tea. They can also be used to make soaps and oils. Herbs will add flavor to many dishes. 

Micro Greens: With some quality seeds you can begin. The first harvest will provide seeds for the next. 

Sprouts: With a jar and some cheesecloth or mess top we can grow our sprouts for a stir fry or sandwich. 

A Hydroponic System

Even if you are growing food using containers and potting soil, a hydroponic system will let you increase the quantity. It avoids a lot of mess as it advocates a system of soilless farming. They come in compact designs or vertical configurations. 

They can be bought or constructed by learning the numerous DIY strategies available online. 

Manufacture Manure at Home

Organic fertilizer can be made at home by the clever utilization of food waste. Get a container with a good lid. Put some gravel and soil at the bottom. Introduce worms for worm composting. Empty all bio-degradable garbage into the container. You will get enough environment-friendly fertilizer for the farm. This method frees you from the chore of taking out the garbage. 

Tip: Do not expose the manure cans to sunlight. It can cook worms. 

Grow Mushrooms

Did you know mushrooms are grown only indoors for industrial farming? Get an edible mushroom kit to begin your first batch in a dark corner of your apartment. 

Meat On The Table

Did you wonder for a moment what crazy idea I was going to put forth? Quails!

They are very silent birds that need only very little space. They give a lot of eggs and quail meat is way above chicken, beef, and pork in its health advantages. Quails being small birds, need only a little feed, and kitchen scraps go well with them. 

Mini Solar Power House

Did you know solar panels don’t require direct sunlight? They need good lighting and it is advised to install the panels at a good spot on the patio or balcony. 

Depending upon the capacity of the panels, you can increase the number of appliances that run on solar power. They can be used for grow lights and also for pumps used in the hydroponic system. 

A Self-Reliant Life

Once we have become self-sufficient in food matters, we can think about cutting out other purchases. This will also involve income creation. Do your homework to get as many DIY ideas as possible. We can begin the process by gaining ideas by:

i. Visiting other homesteaders or communes.

ii. Joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture.

iii. Visiting farmer’s markets.

We can enrich our homesteading experience within the confines of an apartment by progressing on to a more autonomous lifestyle by integrating the following activities:

i. Do own baking for bread and other items.

ii. Learn and engage in carpentry.

iii. Do your own electric and plumbing jobs.

iv. Learn to stitch to make your garments (trust me, it is far easier than you believed.)

Before Going Shopping

Whenever the need to buy something comes up, take a few moments to ponder whether it is something you can create using your potential. Not only will you be learning a new skill, but also it may help you earn. Remember, the Wright brothers had never flown an airplane till they became the first humans to become airborne on a machine. 

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Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 6, 2018



Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 6, 2018


A big, busy, crazy week in prepper land! Spring has sprung and it has sprung forth all manner of issues to keep us on our toes. Here’s a review of the bigger stories bearing down on preppers and freedom lovers. Please enjoy (and subscribe!):


Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.


Perrin recently learned that something called “airplane mode” stops incoming debt collection calls and hate texts from interrupting our recordings! Will wonders never cease?



Quality will improve immediately…


In the news:


The Caravan


Mass migration


Troops out of Syria, to Rio Grande?


More Snow?!


YouTube shooting


China and tariffs







And, we’re in full swing at The Masters!


Thank you, as always. Don’t forget to check every day for all the stories that affect preppers, survivalists, and the rest of the sanity crowd. Well, check it now – rumor has it the news will soon be incorporated into the new, new revised and improved Stay tuned.


Have a great weekend!


Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

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