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Now You Can get an Off Grid Home Solar System in a Box


I’ve written recently about the Electromagnetic Pulse disaster in One Second After. In reality though it doesn’t take an EMP to bring down the power grid. An overload, a careless maintenance worker, or even a tree limb can temporarily cut the lights off in a million homes. That’s why so many people, preppers not the least of which, are investing in backup power systems.

Solar power is one of the best options available. The Sun has been shining for as long as I can remember. And it will probably keep on working for a long time to come. If it goes away, so do we. Additionally the Sun produces an almost incalculable amount of energy. And all of it is free. Why not use it?

Indiegogo has a great article on how to do just that. They review the benefits of The Kodiak, the Off-Grid Solar Power System in a Box. Please peruse their original story.

This ingenious and simple system consists of two parts: Predator solar panels and the Kodiak generator. The generator even works with 110v AC (wall) power or a 12V automobile system. Collected power is stored in a lithium-ion battery.

Photo by Inergy Solar.

Inergy Solar.

The Kodiak will power many tools and appliances. It’s truly a plug and power system. As your needs grow, just add on additional panels and batteries as needed. Everything is integrated together. All electrical connections are built in. there is no need to run additional wires or cords.

The system may also entitle you to a credit on your federal income taxes. While that will not pay for the system, it will go a long way. Given time the Kodiak will eventually pay for itself.

Why go solar? Indiegogo points out that around 15 million American households will experience a blackout at least once per year. As the infrastructure ages these problems will only increase. A solar backup will allow you the freedom to continue living normally while the power company makes repairs.

Kodiak uses the latest technology. The panels work on both sides. And they are lighter and more efficient than ever. The lithium-ion battery is similar to those found in hybrid cars. The generator has a maximum output of about 3,000 Watts.


Video by Inergy.

A few years ago an ice storm cut my power for about three days. Also I remember something similar happening when I was a child. Cooking and heating with the fireplace is fine but that electricity Mr. Tesla came up with is pretty nice.

Fortunately one need not suffer from the threat of an outage. As long as the Sun is shining one can have power. At night the battery, if charged, is sufficient to provide nominal power.

One can reasonably build a Kodiak system for a couple thousand dollars. If and when the lights go out, that will be money well spent. Please think about whether your preparations would benefit from such a system. Otherwise you might find yourself in the dark.

Watch this high school drop out build a completely off grid refrigerator!

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