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More and more people are choosing to live off the grid. And more people are turning to the sun for power. That makes perfect sense. The juice is there. And we might as well make use of it. But, if you don’t want to hire someone to install a do you set up a system?

The Living Outdoor site has all the answers. Their article on the complete solar system. Has nothing to do with planets but everything to do with solar power. Watch all of the videos for a total how-to experience. (All videos by TinHatRance / YouTube).

Everything Solar


First, you must assess your requirements. The first video looks at what it takes to meet your needs.


You have to store the power you generate. The second in this series focuses on battery capacity and installation.


Panels are the heart and sol (pun) of the system. This video shows you how to rig them up.


Then, after you know what you need and you have components in place, wire it all together. If you can do basic math and are slightly handy, you can do this.

Keep going. Keep watching. Complete system information.

More Solar Power:

A Solar System In A Box

If you’re thinking about breaking the power company’s monopoly, these videos are for you. Watch them and make notes. Then draw up your plans.

The costs of solar can be substantial upfront. However, once the system is working, it will keep on generating electricity for you. Every second of sunshine, everyday, is power just waiting to be tapped. Get started.

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