An All-In-One Mobile Nuclear Survival Shelter

An All-In-One Mobile Nuclear Survival Shelter


Nuclear war and fallout is a primary, if unlikely, reason to prep. If it happens, then it will be life-changing or life ending for millions. You don’t want to be a statistic. Here, today, we have a video about a possible solution to the issue of fallout, radioactive dust floating around after an attack.


It’s the fallout, bug out RV. It is not a mobile blast bunker – not sure how that would work. Instead it is a camping trailer built to keep you safe after the fact, until the dust dies down. Please watch:


Video by dodev777/YouTube.



It’s no ordinary trailer. This one is a stout goose neck with a shipping container body. Looks tough.


Again, it’s for guarding against fallout. It’s a mobile shelter on wheels. Mobile, as in you can pack it up and run if need be. Watch closely as the interior amenities are covered in detail. In addition to kitchen, bath, and other normal RV features, this one has the goods for preppers. That even includes sealing and NBC filtration.


Now, in the very likely event there is no war and no fallout, you can still make use of this vehicle as an RV for fun, hunting, or general survival purposes. The available added protection is wonderful if needed.


Legacy Food Storage

This is Part II. Hunt for that first segment! And if you want one but aren’t “in the market,” consider building your own version or modifying the RV you already have. Adaptability is the name of the game.


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