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7 Household Items You’re Wasting Money On

Featured1 month ago

Cooking Food when the Power Goes Out in the Winter

According to the 2019-2020 Winter Reliability Assessment conducted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, despite ample availability of Planning...

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5 Things to do Immediately When the SHTF

Featured2 months ago

Must have Items for Your Winter Survival kit

Winter mortality rates have been dramatically on the rise since the last few decades. Almost half of excess deaths during...

winter bug out bag winter bug out bag
Featured2 months ago

Packing Your Bug Out Bag for Winter Survival

Building a bug out bag for winter survival is something we need to think about well in advanced. Going on...

Featured2 months ago

Heating Your Home When the Power Goes Out

Without power, there isn’t any way to heat your home. Or, is there a solution? The best thing for you...

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How to prepare for a blizzard?

There is something magical and fairy-tale like about snow that brings out the child in each of us. Snowman and...

riots in neighborhood riots in neighborhood
Featured3 months ago

20 Things to do Now to get Your Home Ready for Riots and Civil Unrest

In modern times, public disorder, demonstrations, and public unrest happen for many reasons. These causes range from social injustices, economic...

surviving a riot surviving a riot
Featured3 months ago

Do These 10 Things if a Riot Breaks Out Near You

The Black Lives Matter riots and the recent civil eruption in Ferguson, Baltimore, Seattle and several other parts of the...

Featured4 months ago

How to Set Up Your Tent in the Dark

Setting up camp in the dark can be tricky, here's the best way to get it done and stay safe.