Patriot Nurse’s Herbal Flu Remedies

Patriot Nurse’s Herbal Flu Remedies


This flu season is one of the worst in recent memory. The CDC says some 60,000 Americans, maybe more, will die from the outbreak. That’s maybe 5 times as many as die in an ordinary year. The flu bug is bad and unpleasant but most people underestimate its deadly potential.


The Patriot Nurse is not one of them. She knows the seriousness of the illness and how to best combat it. In today’s video she recommends some natural, herbal remedies to help ameliorate symptoms and promote healthy healing. Please watch:


Video by Patriot Nurse/YouTube.



Patriot Nurse is a source preppers can trust for medical matters. Look into which of her solutions may work best for you. I had never heard of Mullein Leaf, myself. You?


In the video comments, someone asked the ubiquitous questions about medical marijuana. No, it didn’t make her list. I have no idea what effect Devil’s Lettuce has on the flu. I’m not even sure my method for beating any sniffly virus – Scotch in the sauna – is a technical winner (works for me). But I do know we can trust PN. And you can trust FP to deliver the best of the advice out there on this and many other subjects.


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