Perrin on the Debt

Truth About the Debt, the GDP, and the System

This is a giant ripoff. In an economy based on real money, things would cost less, people would keep more money, and banksters and pols would have to seek honest work. As the whole system is bullshit and not intended to ever be paid off, the answer is simple. All the debt – all of it at all levels – should be repudiated. Cancel it. Heck, make it illegal to issue debt.

The “owe it to ourselves” crowd has no response to the common sense solution except a horrified resort to scare tactics. “That would crash the economy!” Maybe. For a short time. Then it would recover and improve – for real people. But, no, they’d prefer the long, slow bleeding we currently suffer. It kind of reminds me of the house slave reminding the field hands to keep singing. Enslavement with a smile.

If we really owe ourselves anything, then it’s honest reflection and, then, maybe a little righteous anger.

We Owe it to Ourselves?

Y’all keep singing…

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