Perrin on TSA Spying on Americans: Quiet Skies

So, who gets the treatment under Quiet Skies? Turns out it is such nefarious characters as business people, flight attendants, and other federal law enforcement officers.

Some of the “abnormal” behavior the super-troopers look for:

Boarding last;

Gripping bags;


Losing weight;

Gaining weight;

Sleeping mid-flight;

Talking; and

Hailing a cab.

If you fly, and you engage in any of these insidious behaviors or any others on the list, then know that the man is watching! It’s obvious you work for ISIS. You probably collude with Russia too.

A new, truthful spin on an old and worn saying: “If THEY are doing something wrong, then YOU have something to worry about.

” And people are starting to worry.
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Keeping a watch on the innocent is raising the ire even of some of the agents doing the watching. It concerns civil libertarians. It should concern you.

“Some also worry that such domestic surveillance might be illegal.”

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Might be illegal? There’s no might to it. Foregoing the privacy concerns and warrantless, suspicionless surveillance technicalities, try to find Constitutional authorization for the program.

Heck, try to find transportation security, airplanes, or flying in the Old Parchment. Have a look, I’ll give you a minute…

Find it? No. Probably because the federal government is in no way authorized to spy on flight attendants, employ air marshals, or maintain the TSA. Remember this the next time you vote.
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