Perrin’s Column: Operation Northwoods: Twenty Years of Terror and Tyranny

Operation Northwoods: Twenty Years of Terror and Tyranny

Perrin Lovett

Before we discuss the austere anniversary coming this Saturday, September 11, 2021, how many of you remember the halcyon-by-comparison Twentieth Century? In a sense, it wasn’t that long ago, almost like yesterday. In other ways, it feels like ancient history.

Today, like Gandalf before the graven doors of Moria, straining his mind for “Mellon!,” there are still libertarians and conservatives in the Disunited States who expect, at any moment, some magic word, correctly incanted, to restore what has been lost and to open the gates of a long-gone free civilization. Of course, they, unlike the wizard, lack genuine faith, purpose, coherent ideologies, or even the ability to discern reality. Where he succeeded, they will fail. In fact, they already have. 

Maybe it was the maverick naval officer in him, or maybe it was his aristocratic upbringing, or his charming but steely determination, but John F. Kennedy attempted to govern as America’s President as if he truly was the Chief Executive. He was the final leader to do so. That’s probably one of at least four reasons why the Dark State murdered him. Another leading cause would be his insistence that the people’s government and not the devil’s banksters controlled America’s monetary supply. He also ordered, as if he were in charge, the Zionists to knock off their nuclear ambitions. And he staunchly rejected Operation Northwoods. One, two, three, four strikes, and he was out.

Northwoods was another false flag paramilitary scheme dreamed up by the Joint Chiefs, the DOD, and the CIA back in 1962. Desiring a reason to attack Cuba, America’s real enemies designed a plan whereby CIA-backed “terrorists” would hijack commercial airliners and fly them, cruise missile-style, into East Coast skyscrapers. The resulting carnage was calculated as sufficient to justify another splendid little war. 

Upon hearing the plan, JFK reportedly said something along the lines of, “Are you out of your fucking minds?! Take this treason and get out of my sight!” Upon shuffling out of the Oval Office in defeat, one of the conspirators allegedly mumbled something like, “6.5 mm Carcano?”

They lost that day. Kennedy lost another. We all lost roughly thirty-nine years later. If you’ve connected the dots, then you’re probably correct. Replace “Cuba” with “Islam.” Replace a real president, a warrior hero, and the paramour of Marilyn-freaking-Monroe with a pathetic shill bearing the facial expression and mental abilities of a chimpanzee. Was an updated Operation Northwoods the attack(s) of September 11, 2001? After twenty years of studying the events along with associated maladies, that is my belief. If your evil excuse for a government attacked its own nation and people, then it was not for the first time, nor for the last.

Last year, I summed up my personal experiences from The Day and the ensuing years. It’s still vaguely worth reading. You certainly recall what you were doing that morning. You probably even recall the first person you spoke with once you’d heard the news. My first contact, made immediately after the Chimp departed that elementary school, was with a talkative just-retired CIA PMOO. 

Who, exactly, did it? Thanks to a coverup that evaded even the Commission tasked with investigating the crime, we the living will probably never know. Without a doubt, the original conspirators in the DOD and the CIA, along with their controllers, and their friends and lovers in the banks and the military-industrial complex, would have run the operation. They would have received assistance from other nefarious terrorist groups like the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and perhaps a few others.

Who was not involved? Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with it. He said as much and was seconded by the FBI. The Taliban had nothing to do with it. The valiant, to-be-backstabbed Qassem Soleimani told the likely chief conspirators as much even as he assisted them with their next steps in the fall of 2001. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with it. None of the groups or persons who were blamed were in any way responsible, evidently including some of the alleged hijackers themselves. As with everything else the government and its wholly-owned lapdog media has ever told you, every part of the 9/11 narrative is a complete fabrication.

Burning jet fuel can’t melt steel. It can heat and weaken it, but it cannot melt it. It certainly cannot boil it. Because of the great structural integrity of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center Towers One and Two (both towers designed to withstand impact from jumbo jets), the conspirators almost certainly added high explosives and nano-thermites to the plan. The forgotten collapse of Tower Seven was absolutely determined to be exclusively the result of controlled demolition. 

Vaporized iron and steel, along with associated substances, once inhaled, cause lung cancer. That explains why NYC firefighters keep dying of the disease. Do we add them to the original death toll? Few know or care.

In lower Manhattan, cleanup crews had to wait months for the burning thermite hotspots and pools of molten steel to cool. I flew over NYC at the end of November 2001 and saw the fires still smoldering and burning. But, as fast as possible, contractors cut up, tore out, and hauled away the debris. All of the wreckage and all of the evidence of the worst crime in American history was permanently destroyed. There were so many other anomalies in this case, that they essentially became the standard. Few know or care.

Just before my Big Apple flyover, I had been to Mordor, where I heard from the authors of the hideously ill-named PATRIOT Act all the wonders it would allow. Because the monstrosity was drafted months and years before 9/11, they knew it backward and forwards. At the time, I did not know or suspect as much. Perhaps I should have, but I did not; however and to my credit, I did voice various concerns about the obvious losses of American liberty embedded in the wonderful new enabling act. Again, now, few outsiders know or care.

Twenty years later, and what do we have to show? Domestically, this is an entirely different country. Third-world peoples were maliciously and falsely scapegoated as the culprits back then. Yet, their kind form the bulk of our immigrants this century. We did not have to fight them over there; they are conquering us over here. The domestic surveillance state, denied to exist by most people circa 2000, was cranked up to “10,” with the same stupid majority championing the unnecessary evisceration of their rights. Only the government, the same hellish entity that 99.999999% certainly caused the calamity, benefited from the ensuing insanity. It set the tone and example for what was to come – what has come.

Overseas, many things happened in the wake of Northwoods – all of them bad for Americans. War, war, and more war led to defeat, defeat, and more defeat as measured by conventional standards. These war crime charades that displaced millions, killed millions, maimed millions, and squandered trillions of dollars of resources, did benefit the cause of a Greater Israel, at least temporarily and tangentially. They likely helped finance the (failed) Great Leap while also providing cover for the Diaspora’s (losing) cold war with the Sino-Russian Alliance. The wars drove economies to the brink of disaster while enriching the vampiric elite. It was all of it a boon for evil and catastrophe for the innocent. 

I started writing a draft of this column in the middle of the summer. I knew that, eventually, the people of Afghanistan would regain control of their country; I just didn’t anticipate the incredible speed of the reconquest. Hilariously, after Amerika lost its longest war ever, the Taliban regained their nation in about a week! To the very end, though, the necromancers on the Potomac kept calling forth wicked spirits. All of the military equipment left behind was abandoned on purpose in hopes of destabilizing the region in the absence of direct imperial control. It also gave the idiots at FAUX News something to babble about. (And, no, the Russians and Chinese do not want and would not take our obsolete junk). Here’s to hoping those parting gifts are put to better use by the rising Afghans. As I’ve noted before, the Taliban provide another example of the triumph of nationalism and faith over the forces of globalism. May that spirit continue to spread. 

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In the wake of Northwoods-Eleven, most of the people of the world were, in one way or another, conditioned to accept degradation, defeat, and humiliation. That goes double for Western peoples and triple for Americans. They were conditioned for a reason. A great, resetting reason. We are now in the midst of another luciferian plot of unbelievable magnitude, the COVID biological war, war crime, and hoax. There’s also, from the same base satanists, the demographic destruction of America, now almost complete. As such, as things now completely unravel, the shadow of Northwoods grows thin by contrast.

Still, it is important to remember. The word may be misplaced, but it is, in a way, reassuring, to understand that a wicked group who committed one crime (among ten thousand others) would, in fact, commit one more. If allowed, they will just keep committing them. It is appropriate to say, “never forget.” Most have, of course, if they ever really knew. They won’t understand or care about what happens next either. The more things change, the more people behave the same. 

Out of all the lies squawked and parroted by the press about 9/11, this week and in general, one incidental truth does leak through. It would be nice to finally go after those responsible. 

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