Perrin’s DIY Home Gasoline Storage Project

Out of Gas?

An FP rerun from 2017.

Here’s a great do-it-yourself idea for the house or the retreat. And this is a project that I actually
did myself maybe ten years ago. Sadly, I no longer have this gem and I didn’t think to take any
pictures back then. What I’ve done below is recreate the concept with some easy to follow

This project is fun and useful. I’m not sure how or when I first got the idea but I did. I had a
premonition about fuel prices and shortages. Can goods, water, and bullets I knew how to
stockpile. But what about gas for the cars?

I can’t even remember if I looked into the idea. It’s more likely I just plunged in and made my
own little gasoline depot. Follow my method and you can keep an extra 25 gallons of gas on
hand just in case.


***As always, be safety conscious and obey all applicable laws, etc.

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