Please Pay Attention, Here: Is a Military Coup Next for the Disaster of Venezuela?

Is a Military Coup Next for the Disaster of Venezuela?

ABC News ran a story by Hannah Dreier about a new twist in the unfolding horror show of modern Venezuela. The country has been collapsing for a few years now. People are out of work, in the dark, without fuel, and literally starving. They are also rioting against the crooked government every single day. Crime is out of control. As such, there has been effective martial law in the country for some time.

Up until now, the military has been a prop for the Maduro regime, holding the oppressed people in line while his failed policies reduce the nation to ruins. However, that may change and soon. It is entirely possible that the President may have placed too much reliance on the military and given them too much power.

History shows that standing armies are always dangerous to civil government. And once they reach a tipping point of power, they usually take over.

Photo by Reuters.

“President Nicolas Maduro has greatly expanded the military’s authority and is leaning on the armed forces as his own grip on power weakens. The military has helped hold up the socialist administration for more than a decade, but never before was it the government’s main crutch. And despite the outward loyalty of top officers, cracks are beginning to appear.”

The article centers on the human drama, exploring the daily work of a young army lieutenant. He wars with protestors each day, watching people mained and killed. Meanwhile his family endures the same conditions as the protestors – they “skip meals while watching their money become worthless.”

Army officers usually only watch such horrible conditions for so long until they decide to do something. That something is usually a coup, an overthrow of the civil government.

These events sometimes lead to a reset, a reorganization in line with the law. Other times, there is a new dictatorship. These sometimes last for decades. Sometimes countries recover. Sometimes the horrors continue, becoming the “new normal.”

What will happen away down south? No one is sure. A full coup would send international bankers and large corporations into a frenzy as they try to protect their profits and assets. They will pressure their paid-for governments to “do something.” Such doing routinely makes things worse.

We must wait and see with this one. But as we watch, please take note of everything that happens that affects the common people. As I have said before, what happens in Venezuela could easily happen in America or anyone else. Beware and prepare.

And pray for all those oppressed in this formerly very decent country.

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