10 Things You Can Do to Survive Riots

Pondering Prepper and 10 Ways to Survive a Riot


Scott continues the excellent Pondering Prepper video series. His latest entry regards what to do should you find yourself in a riot. And, let’s face it, it’s getting easier and easier to find those unpleasant, senseless events. As Scott notes, it seems like there are more every year. Maybe one is coming to your town. Maybe you should be ready.


Please watch and learn:


Video by Scott Hughes/FPTV/YouTube.

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It’s Scott vs. the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) of the world! These people, their antics, and their violence make no sense. But they are real and you must be prepared to deal with them.


Some of Scott’s good advice:


Get away! Either don’t be there in the first place or leave immediately. It’s just not worth it.


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Be smart. Use your head to avoid problems. Practice situational awareness and then act!


Know the mob – they’re all the same really – like a stupid herd of cattle, but much more violent.


Keep your cool and keep you gun holstered – self-defense, armed or otherwise, should be a last resort! Don’t create more problems for yourself – unless you absolutely have to. If that happens, then give em hell…


You’ll learn these tips and many more!


Over the years, here at FP, we’ve covered this subject a few times. A brief review:


From 2017:


How to Spot and Avoid a Riot


Jeff Thomas at International Man has seen a tight spot or two. And, today, he offers advice on how to spot such calamities and how to survive them. Please read his article on riots.


In a way, a riot is just another natural disaster in action. It is natural for people under stress to lash out in violent and unpredictable manner. It’s a shame but it is what it is. And it is critical to be able to try and spot the beginnings of a riot before it starts. That way you can avoid being a casualty.


“Intelligent, educated, otherwise peaceful people can be driven to violence and even murder if the likelihood of future meals becomes uncertain. This has been the cause of spontaneous riots throughout history.”



13 Tips to Avoid Mob Violence and Riots


After Charlottesville.


Dr. Joe Alton (“Dr. Bones”) wrote out his tips in This Article on the same subject. Please click, read, and appreciate just what is at stake.

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A summary:


  1. Always be alert and always use situational awareness. Always.


  1. Know the area and plan multiple escape routes.


  1. Stay on the outside of masses of people.


  1. Avoid all confrontations – start nothing.


  1. Consider a makeshift gas mask.


  1. You may have to run, wear Running Shoes.


  1. Be mindful of the police. (Don’t count on them to help you).


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And 6 more!


Gabe Suarez on Tactical Counter Protest Driving.


From 2016:


When Rioters Surround Your Car


Kevin Michalowski published a detailed article on the phenomenon at US Concealed Carry. His article, What Should You Do If Protesters Surround Your Car?, provides excellent answers to this this alarming prospect.


Michalowski uses Wisconsin law as an example for when and how to use force. Know the law in your area.



Scott talks about the sports’ rioters. I’ve mentioned them before: “Idiots will riot at the drop of a hat. Let that local sports team lose – heck, let them win – and the violent and the ignorant will be in the streets.”


Yeah, let them win … and they riot. They did that last night in Philly after the Eagles WON the Super Bowl. If winning makes them riot, then anything will make them riot. That means you need to be ready. That’s the Freedom Prepper way.


Stay safe, stay sane.


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