Pondering Prepper and Keeping Kids Safe at School

Pondering Prepper and Keeping Kids Safe at School


The recent school shooting in Florida has inflamed passions across the country. The official story has already collapsed faster than Tower 7. Something smells horrible. The usual communist suspects are working overtime pushing freedom control on America.


The normal, the sane, and the rational really only want one thing: to keep their children safe in the event of a school shooting – of any stripe. Scott’s latest Ponder Prepper episode puts aside the politics and goes deep into steps that we can take to help our children in the off chance they are involved in a school shooting.


Please watch this perhaps most important PP episode to date:


Video by Scott Hughes/FPTV/YouTube.


Photo by The Conversation.


First Scott warns that his advice is not a 100% guarantee of anyone’s safety. Such is an impossibility. In fact, never trust anyone who promises that level of complete protection. The key point is to do something to increase the odds of your children coming home safe and sound.


Next Scott blows away one of the lamestream media’s favorite recent lies: the 18 school shootings already in 2017. He demonstrates the gross statistical stretch used to promote this claim. It’s a lie. Period. They tell us this over and over to stoke fear. The actual rate of “real” shootings is much lower, far more remote. But it does happen.

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Thus, please consider the very good advice on how to educate your children about the real issue. Start by familiarizing them with the sound of actual gunfire. Teach them to practice self-preservation, even over rule-following obedience. Next, foster a healthy sense of situational awareness in them.


Watch the video. Learn. Teach your kids. Help them help themselves.



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