Portable Pocket Solar Panels

Portable Pocket Solar Panels


It’s been just a little while since we’ve discussed or promoted solar power. Every prepper recognizes the need for alternative juice in case the grid goes down. And solar is one of the best alternatives – it’s free, available half of most days, and pretty easy to harness.


In the past we’ve covered a variety of systems that work, though many of these are larger, more complicated outfits. Now, let’s mull over one that’s easy, and small enough to fit in a larger pocket.


A Skilled Survival contributor wrote up an article about the beauty of the portable solar system. Please read that and check this briefing out:


Photo by Amazon.


A quick Google search of “portable solar panels” brings up a plethora of results. To narrow the options and beat the confusion, heed SS’s survey and advice:


Easy use;




Legacy Food Storage

Everyday use;




Cost effectiveness;




Many, many reasons.


The smaller systems can power and recharge:








Batteries; and




“A portable solar charger can take advantage of downtime in the middle of the day to charge all your devices.”

The excellent article covers usages, different models, options, power, sizes, and more. Find many links and additional resources to help you decide. They even feature an informative video on the topic.

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Learn now and then make the move to better, secure alternative electric power and performance. It’s easy peace of mind in a mad world. And, while you’re there, poke around the SS site and see all of the great tips and topics they routinely cover.


Pocket power!


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