How To Prepare For Civil Unrest

How To Prepare For Civil Unrest


As demonstrated in Austin, TX, the past ten days or so, the American way of life and our “civil” society is are at the tipping point. It seems like that for any reason and at any time and place, chaos is just ready and itching to break out. This looks like a pattern that is getting worse. It’s really not that bad yet and it’s not worth getting upset over. But it is something to keep in mind.


And it is something to prepare against – as best you can. Backdoor Survival has a list, by the Survival Woman, of 13, make that 30!, ways to get ready for madness in the streets of America. This is truly important stuff and a great multitude of actionable points. Please read the excellent original. Here’s a preview:


Picture by Rally Point.


Civil unrest can and does erupt all the time. It can result from natural disaster, disease, war, economic distortion, political fallout, sports wins or losses, or even for its own sake. It makes no sense and perfect sense.


And it makes perfect sense to stay on top of what can cause the chaos and to prep for and against all the mania. Here are some ways to do just that:


Make sure to read through all of the original steps – beyond the first few numbered points:


One. Keep up the general preps. Food, water, supplies, skills, a plan – you know the drill. Finish it!


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Two. Sharpen the medical skills. Riots, bombings, etc. inflict trauma. Learn to deal with it, as unpleasant as it may seem (and is).


Three. Improve your general sufficiency skills. See the recommended steps. It doesn’t matter where you are, be ready for whatever comes your way.


Four. Know your security strenghts andweakness. Increase the one, cure the other.


Five. Devise a defensive system. Arm yourself. And be ready to adapt the system as situations change.


Six. Find people you can trust. No man is an island and there really can be stregth and comfort in numbers. But do be careful about who you trust.


Seven. Remember cash is king. Keep money on hand for emergencies. The bank and the ATMs may not be an option when it hits.


Eight. Perrin the Jerk makes you dig for this one. Sorry…


Nine. Protect the vulnerable. Kids, pets, and old folks usually cannot fend too well for themselves. It’s your job to protect them or help them learn to do what they can for themselves.


Ten. Books! Reading expands the mind. See, you’re reading this right now! Keep fiction and non-fiction on hand to keep the brain occupied and informed.


Eleven. Consider alternative communications. All the modern means of communicating and getting news – radio, phones, internet, and TeeeeeeVee – may not work when it hits. So have some backups if you can.


Twelve. Make sure everyone knows the plan. Have one and rehearse it. It’s kind of critical.


Thirteen. Stay calm and Stay QUIET! Enough said, calm down.


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Also covered in this comprehensive and amazing work if:


What to do if YOU get arrested during the chaos – Remain SILENT!


More pet preps.






Eye on the news.

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Avoid the nosey busybodies.


Greying out.

Trust but verify (or don’t trust).


Care with social media.


Know the law.


Know a lawyer.


Relevant tips from the US Army Field Manual on Civil Disorder.


Their “final word” on the coming potential issues:

“How close are we to a perfect storm of civil unrest?   If you had asked that question two years ago, I would have said “soon”.  Now my answer is more vague as the maladies of our society have become the new normal.  I won’t go so far as to say we have been coerced into this new normalcy but rather that we have already learned to adapt.


If and when the tipping point comes, there will be chaos. Our hope, as preppers, is that we will ride it out to safety.  As to when this will happen or if it will happen? That is anyone’s guess.”


Don’t waste time guessing. Spend your time preparing and you’ll be as ready as you can be regardless of what goes down. Just know that someday something will. Be prepared.


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