Preparing for the Flipping of the Poles

Preparing for the Flipping of the Poles


This has nothing to do with a shift change at the strip club and misdirected anger at Polish people. It’s about the natural, perhaps overdue shifting of the Earth’s magnetic field. Essentially the polarity of the North and South Poles will reverse.


Jeremiah Johnson has more on the subject at Ready Nutrition. Please click and read.


Photo by Science Bob.


Again, this is a natural occurrence which happens every few hundred thousand years. However, it’s the first time modern humans have dealt with it. When it finally happens, we’ll have some technical adjustments to make but then everything will go on as usual.


Johnson has some great information from NASA about the phenomenon and what you can do to prepare.


“The NOAA and NASA websites are excellent sites for gathering information about what is currently happening.  In addition, as I have mentioned before in other articles, that military Lensatic compass would be a plus.  If and/or when the poles do shift, electronic equipment such as digital compasses and wrist computers might not function, but the Lensatic compass will be going wild.  As a forethought to such, I strongly advise obtaining maps of your immediate area…good terrain-featured, topographical maps…the kind that gives landmarks you can find with your eyes.  Terrain association is an important skill.  If you’ve ever busted a compass and cannot verify the azimuth you’re walking on…the ability to see the terrain and match it to what you see on the map is invaluable.



That will get you started if you haven’t already begun.  In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure…it can be worth much more than that.  Remember Aesop’s fable of “The Grasshopper and the Ant,” and if you have never read it, now would be a good time to print a copy and keep it where you can read it from time to time.  Herein lies the conundrum, for only the wicked flee when none pursue…but also, the wise saw trouble and took cover, while the foolish went on and was destroyed.  There is a balance for both, and (to paraphrase the Rolling Stones) time is on your side.  For now, if you make the most of it.  Stay in that good fight!  JJ out!“

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The end of the world it will not be. But it will make some aspects of life – navigation, communications, electronics, flying – a little challenging until the process is complete and adapted to.


As Johnson notes, now is the time to do that – or at least to learn about what is happening and what it means.


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