Preparing for Future Resource Scarcity

Preparing for Future Resource Scarcity


“Scarcity” is a name and concept I recall from economics classes in college. I too am amazed I can recall that! There was also beer and some parties or something. I was younger; it was a different century… Anyway, the very real idea of resource scarcity is not just limited to the educational foundation of business school. We live in a world of finite things and under the iron laws of supply and demand.


The whole of the economic landscape, macro and micro, is bumpy even during the best of times. In an uncertain future, especially with anything resembling SHTF, bumpy could easily turn into burning and crashing. Thus, the impetus on prepping for what may happen – what (eventually) will happen.


Tim Gamble, a brilliant thinker and writer, reposted an older (2008) essay at his fantastic site. It’s a list of ways to prep for the decline in availability of those things we currently take for granted. It is well worth the read. Here’s my promotional preview:


I wasted a whole quarter in college to learn what this simple picture from the internet plainly encapsulates. If you get it, then I declare you have an “A” in ECON 101 from Perrin U. You’re welcome… Picture by Slide Player.


So, Gamble’s original came from 2008. I suspect that may have been around the time the economy was beginning to tank. Remember that? Good, because it will happen again, sooner or later. Read his wisdom so you’ll be ready for the next round.


Prepare for the Reality of Scarcity


I’ll just give you his main themes. Read the original for an explanation of each.


One. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Learn what’s really happening in the world. Learn to spot future trends before they fully materialize. You’ll be ahead of 95% of the population.

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Two. REDUCE home energy consumption. You’ll start saving money which you can put to better uses. This will also make it easier to adapt to any potential unpleasantness.


Three. CUT BACK on fuel consumption. Many ways to do this.


Four. GET OUT OF DEBT! No one ever borrowed his way to prosperity. Yes, if things totally collapse, then the debt won’t matter. A partial collapse? The vipers and thieves will still consider you their slave…


Five. FOOD. Go alternative. Garden. Ranch. Hunt. Gather. Limit and extend. Read Gamble’s advice here.


Six. SIMPLIFY. Cut back in general and you’ll not only save but you’ll have a happier existence in general.


Seven. NEVER STOP … LEARNING. Be an academic sponge in all things. Expand the mind, improve the life.


Eight. GET BACK TO NATURE. We’re part of it anyway. It’s really where we belong. Dispense with as much of the toxic side of modernity as you can.


Nine. Here, Perrin the Jerk, makes you hunt the original for another good idea. No man is an island.


Ten. GET FIT. Not bodybuilder or triathlete fit. Just better than the 70% of Americans so woefully out of shape.


Eleven. WATER. It’s literally everywhere but still so hard to get at. Conserve, gather, and think outside the tap (or bottle).


We Keep Going! =>


Twelve. LOCATION. Location. Location. It matters. Rethink where you are and where you need to be. The two might be different. That might be something to work on.


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Thirteen. STOCK UP. On everything you think you’ll need in a time of limitation. And, try to think about the things you don’t think about – those will be the ones to bite you later.


Fourteen. GO GREEN. This isn’t for hippies. Be a conservationist. It’s part of that back to nature-ism. And it’s a charge from God, if you’ll recall.


Fifteen. BE POSITIVE. Be a realist but do not center on the negatives. The vast majority of the bad things we worry about never happen. It’s just a mental drain. Stop wasting your time and energy on fictional nonsense.


There you have it! Fifteen stellar ways to improve your life in the normal run and promote survival and happiness when things turn sour. Some of these are so easy they can be accomplished with a mere thought. Others will require a little time.


Get to work now because time (for us in this world) is one of those scarce things. Use it wisely.


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