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Are You Prepped for a Pandemic? – 9/12/16

A pandemic is a disease outbreak which covers an entire nation or region. Such was the Black Plague which wiped out half of the population of Europe during the mid fourteenth century. Other pandemics have occurred since all over the world with varying levels of destruction. The trend is likely to continue indefinitely.

Modern medicine and sanitation have done much to eliminate the impact of diseases in the West. However, there is still a danger of mass contagion. This is something every prepper should seriously think about.

Daisy Luther* wrote an article on the matter at the Organic Prepper. Please read over her probing piece, Are You Prepped For A Pandemic?

The Zika Virus. Photo by

The Big “What If”

Luther begins with the sobering question: “If the news announced tomorrow that a pandemic had begun and that your area, in particular, was at risk, would you be prepared?”

Most people are not. Most, historically were not ready. Thus the high death toll from events like the Plaque.

Today, thanks to immigration and globalization Americans face an ever-increasing risk from Ebola, Zika and host of other viruses. Most of the modern outbreaks are rapidly contained. Or, they have been so far. What happens when something slips?

There is usually a little warning about a spreading disease. Preppers must heed the news in order to effectively prepare and survive. She also raises the specter of a biological terrorist attack. That might not come with as much warning.

Pandemic Preparedness

Luther recommends the book Prepping for a Pandemic by Cat Ellis. The book presents various outbreak scenarios. It can be used to make real plans for hypothetical problems – before they happen.

Photo by Cat Ellis / Amazon.

Isolation is the best way to avoid a pandemic. Luther recommends a lockdown to avoid infection. She admits this would be hard to do under ordinary circumstances. The justification for such an extreme move would have to be a life-threatening situation. This could involve retreating to a bug out location or simply locking down the house.

The Lockdown

Luther says, once it comes to it, that no one should be allowed in or out of the secured area. Exceptions lead to infection. It is harsh but it is reality.
This level of action requires one to be prepped in advance. One should have all supplies on hand to ride out the emergency for weeks or months. Going to the store is out of the question.

Any newcomer to the area, if admitted, must go into quarantine until it is clear they are not infected. Setting up a quarantine requires additional prepping. Some people should be turned away, out of necessity rather than cruelty.

Sadly, it also means that you may be forced to turn someone away if they are ill, because to help them means to risk your family.

Infected Patient Isolation

If a member of the family or group is already sick, they must be separated. Their location must be completely sealed off from the rest of the living area. Any caregivers who enter the isolation room must be fully protected. And the sick should never leave the room until they are cured or dead.

Necessary Survival Supplies

Luther recommends the following pandemic supply list:

  • Water. One gallon per person per day.
  • Food. An obvious necessity of any duration.
  • Plastic garbage bags. Lost of them. The thicker the better.
  • Various sanitation and cleaning supplies.
  • Entertainment items for adults and children.
  • First aid supplies and as much medical supply as possible.
  • Protective masks, gloves and clothing.
  • Goggles or other eye protection.
  • Soap and or antibacterial sanitizer.

Don’t forget that you can stock up on many of these items at The Dollar Store.

Photo by airgas.

The medical industry, the government and the media have lulled Americans into a false sense of safety regarding infectious diseases. They have done wonders but they cannot prevent all outbreaks. It is up to you to be prepared.

A pandemic may not be as dramatic as The Walking Dead – unless you are infected – then it could be worse. Take the necessary steps to prepare yourself and those you love. That way you and yours will survive any plaque that comes your way.

*Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats. She is a best-selling author who has written several books, including The Organic Canner, The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget, and The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource. Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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