A Prepper-ish Review of Zootopia

A Prepper-ish Review of Zootopia


We can, if we will, learn and draw inspiration from anything and from anywhere … even a Disney kids cartoon movie. Yes, Disney…


Zootopia was a hit last year. I was drug into see it. Maybe you were as well. I actually kind of liked it – especially the government DMV worker sloth, “Flash.”


Stefan Molyneux, the internet’s trusted source for general philosophy, received the movie. It’s not your standard assessment, but it has some interesting points for us. Please watch:



Video by Stefan Molyneux/YouTube.


Flash from Zootopia. Disney.


Pay attention to what he says, early in/on, about the differing roles of men and women. Men hunt and protect; women gather and nurture. This has been true, was true, from the neolithic until a couple of decades ago, back when the society began to fray.


Stefan’s take is about how Disney and Hollywood distort reality and push an agenda. That’s all true and his argument is thought provoking, if you like thinking.

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The point, here, for us, is that, after SHTF, you may have to do if all. The day may well come when the SJWs and all the modern weirdness is swept away, along with all else modern (convenience, etc.). In that scenario you, each of you, will be tasked with all roles, rolled into one – for your survival and that of your family.


The good news is that weaklings who push to destroy traditional life will probably shrivel and blow away. (Good riddance). The bad news is that the survival part will be harder than we imagine. Maybe we’ve lost a little insight since the old cave days. Maybe it pays to prep for all eventualities.


And, there are many more philosophical lessons in there. Watch Steph’s video and think about it. For what it’s worth I reviewed Zootopia, last year, from a political angle (Shocking! Perrin and politics….). If you saw the movie, did you notice the Machiavellian workings of the cutesy little lamb?


I know you noticed the sloth. Flash …


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