The Prepper Lessons of Gronk’s Guns

The Prepper Lessons of Gronk’s Guns


People buy guns to protect themselves, especially while at home. However, it’s important to remember that the guns themselves deserve protection, especially in the home. A recent event brought this home like a touchdown pass from Tom Brady.


Bearing Arms and Tom Knighton highlighted the issue of firearms security through the lens of Rob Gronkowski’s home robbery.


The loss on the field has bad enough. Then, upon returning home, Gronk discovered some criminals had relieved him of three weapons. Read on:


Photo by Mercury News (modified by Perrin).


“Super Bowl Sunday wasn’t a good day for Rob Gronkowski. Despite playing pretty well, his team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in a thrilling game. Not only that, he returned home to find out someone had stolen firearms from him while he was playing.


Three firearms were reportedly stolen from the home of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski during a robbery while he was at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.



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TMZ Sports noted Gronkowski called police after returning home from Minnesota to report the stolen items. The police report said the burglary took place Sunday night around 8:50 p.m. ET, right as the Super Bowl was taking place at U.S. Bank Stadium.”


It’s not clear what kinds of arms were stolen nor whether they were locked in a safe.


The point is that criminals can and will break in and steal your guns – even if you’re a superstar celebrity. Thus, it is paramount to make the job as hard as possible for them. Secure your weapons. Get a security system. Keep unused guns in a heavy safe, preferably secured to the floor. Maintain insurance. Photo inventory your collection or armory.


Otherwise, face unnecessary thievery and a three-gun penalty.


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