Prepper Lessons from the Hawaiian Missile Alert Scare

Prepper Lessons from the Hawaiian Missile Alert Scare


I meant to get this out yesterday – but the delay allowed me time to reflect and to add a little related material, below.


Here’s my take on the missile scare (false alert) from Hawaii on Saturday: please watch:


Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.



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And, as promised, check out Pearls Before Swine, Jan. 12 — 13, 2018! Ha! Be a prepper, too…


There’s nothing we can do to stop human error and wrong buttons. And, honestly, there’s not much anyone can do to survive a direct nuclear strike. An indirect strike, however, is something else, something we can (and should) prep for.


Make this a learning experience and be ready in the unlikely event it is in your area and it is real.

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