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Monday, March 9, 2020

NYC Stops Jailing Criminals; Surprised by Rising Crime. Hmmm…

Fox5 NYC

2020s: When the Financial Hens Come Home


A Quiet Life in the (Radio Signal-Free) Quiet Zone


How Google Apps Can Make You a Criminal

NBC “News”

Greek Farmers and Hunters Fed Up With Invasion


The Never-Ending Trump-Shake, Here in INTEL


Ben Garrison’s Take on Schumer’s Latest Threats

Ben G / InfoWars

Legacy Food Storage

COVID-19: ACE2 and RNA Expression (Science…)

Shanghai East Hospital, Tongji University, China

The Possible Exponential Growth of nCoV in the US (Not Pretty)

Dyler Durden

MASSIVE Quarantine in Italy (HUGE)

Wall Street Journal

What Life is Like Under Quarantine

New York Post

Why the West is Unprepared

Paul Craig Roberts

The Counter

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