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Friday, Feb. 28, 2020

A Website for Tracking Ma$$ive Corporate Welfare

The Subsidy Tracker

Is Germany on the Edge of Financial Collapse?

Yahoo! Finance

Ford Senses Recession During These Best Times Ever

Yahoo! Finance

RV Living Solves a Problem, Pols Hate It

Wall Street Journal

Why Did the Banksters Craft “Pandemic” Bonds?


Government Stupidity Makes Pandemics Worse

Paul Craig Roberts

But … Coronavirus Boosts Homeschooling

Legacy Food Storage


More Great Stats About American Gun Owners!


Making College Students Think About the 2A (VIDEO)

PragerU (non-inverted)

How To Survive Quarantine for a Month

Daisy Luther / Organic Prepper

They Try to Ban Guns, We Buy More


Globalism Success! China Flu = US Drug Shortage

ABC News

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