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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sometimes it Pays to be Country – the AP

Times like now. I lived the first eleven years of my life on the outer edge of a small college town. My backyard consisted of thousands of acres of woods and cattle fields. I’ve spent (not going to say wasted…) the intervening time in the cities and the suburbs. Lately, years before the Corona pandemic and the financial collapse appeared, I started thinking about the countryside. There are a sense and sanity in the tranquility. If nothing else, the remoteness limits the effects of things like what we’re seeing now. One-third of our counties – the quiet places that coastal elites ridicule – haven’t seen the first virus case. Many won’t. There’s a reason why Roman nobility maintained estates in the hinterlands: so they could escape the madness of Rome and the urban areas. God bless all the farmers, ranchers, woodsmen, and good country people! Stay strong.

Could 200,000 American Die from Corona? – Axios

They could. In fact, they, along with everyone else, will die someday.
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Fauci’s figures, here, are worst-case scenarios based on failure in the ongoing efforts. The idiotic “2 million” that Orange Man floats around, in defiance of his advisors, is the ultimate scare tactic, based on the condition of doing absolutely nothing – which we obviously are not doing. It won’t be that bad, even if it is bad enough. Stay healthy and stay alert. Maybe can the TV news…

When the Police are Affected – AP

In the cities, those on the front lines of the culture war are facing off against a heightened threat from the virus – just as they do against gangs, criminals, and a society out of control. Again, the country! For those in blue, thanks and keep at it. If need be, we who haven’t bugged out may have to carry some of the slack. Be ready, although (as indicated in the last blurb) I don’t think it will come to that. Yet.

When the Police Hunt Down Travelers – Yahoo!

Ordinarily, this would be the stuff of a dystopian novel. Maybe it is, now. But it could also be about the only reasonable action that leaders can take – quarantining high-risk out-of-staters who blow into town. They’re doing it in RI, TX, and FL, maybe a few more places. Look for this trend to come a little closer to wherever you live.

Everyone Homeschools Now, A Florida Look – Tampa Bay Times

America’s public schools were completely falling apart. Then they closed. That may be the best thing since the invention of the apple. But now, everyone is homeschooling, like it or not. The efforts are lax in most places and very little is being done. My guess is that the 2019-2020 school year will be largely written off and all the kids bumped up to the next grade. In the meantime, many students and teachers are trying, to various degrees of success. Florida has an existing advanced homebound program that they are now hoping will work for everyone. Read about their efforts and struggles. You might be experiencing the same thing.

FBI Claims Terrorists Tried to Bomb Hospital – Daily Mail

The FBI has done more to discredit itself these past however many years than anyone could have ever hoped. Now, they ask us to believe that someone would stoop so low as to attack a hospital during an emergency. As wicked as the agency is, many people are equally as evil. Read all about it and decide for yourself. This is another (tangential) reason to stay as healthy as possible. If you’re not there, it can’t happen to you.

The OTHER (Non-COVID) News – Unz

The world may have slowed, but it has not stopped for the Chinese virus. Here are a few world issues and some interesting commentary thereon. I had not thought about Tulsi Gabbard’s betrayal in endorsing Sleepy Joe. It makes sense. Why on Earth would the only sane Democrat align with the pathetic establishment problem? A move to make Corn Pop ponder! And, there’s more.

Legacy Food Storage


During and after the last financial collapse – remember that? – the banks and a bunch of other “too big” corporations reaped Trillion$ in cheap loans and taxpayer graft. And, they spent it on themselves, consolidating ownership by getting rid of many stockholders. That’s part of the reason why the last recovery was so long and lackluster (outside of Wall Street) and why wages were so slow to rise. Now, once again, we’re in the process of repeating the process. Will anyone ever learn anything?!

The Day the Bills Came Due – The Wall Street Journal

It’s the end of the month. That means the mortgage, the rent, the car note, the credit card bill, the utilities, and more are due and owing. This, at a time when so many people have just lost almost everything (because of the virus…). The big companies are first in line; they owe so much that their friends in the other giant businesses have no choice but to work with them. They all had lobbyists hammering away on the bailout bill. You and I did not. So, how will average ordinary citizens fare this week and next? We’re about to find out.

The Great American Lockdown – Daisy Luther/ OP

I’ll go ahead and call it: Daisy is the best writer we have going in the prepper industry. Can I get an Amen? Read her always poignant thoughts on just where Americans have allowed themselves to go in terms of society and civil liberties. It’s not all that pleasant. And we did it to ourselves. When you’re done reading her words, report to the exercise yard. Be polite to our guards.

Lilly: the Masked Prepper (VIDEO) – Survival Lilly

And, I’ll label Lilly as the best prepper video personality – and that’s some stiff competition, folks. Here, she works us through the right face masks for the job. She takes this dead seriously, showcasing hardware to make an N-95 look like a child’s toy. If you like breathing, under any circumstances, pay attention.

Trump Says Gun Stores ARE Essential! – Breitbart

More good news! (For what it’s worth). So, the other day, we had an article about gun stores being closed in LA. President Trump (not Orange Man for this one) has decided that these staples of real Americana are, in fact, essential businesses. So, from a federal standpoint, they can stay open. This will have little bearing on state and local decisions because places like LA only buck DC when it’s something liberals find trivial, like stopping illegal aliens. But, in many areas, as the overall rule of law disintegrates, at least some of us can continue to buy bullets. By the way, do so!

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