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Friday, April 10, 2020

Ready for Your Mandatory Vaccination$?? – Washington Times

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Hello, friends. I have no idea why I just quoted that passage, Revelations 13:17, KJV. I must be out of my mind, sorry. Uh, Anthony Fauci, who I think was the doctor in Munchkin Town, is really big on the idea of a vaccine to keep us all saaaaaaafe from the Corona virus and/or hoax. He’s not alone, with upstanding global elitists like Bill Gates also advancing the (very bad) idea. I wonder who stands to reap a fortune off of all this unnecessary and, right now, fictional medicine? A mystery.

When Vaccination is STERILIZATION – Life Site News

But, we know that, in the very recent past, the same types who want to lock Americans down until they can force us to submit to the ultimate doping scheme, have also tried such measures in Africa. In Kenya, doctors and others became suspicious about some of the NWO vaccines they were handing out like candy. And, would you believe it!? – when they analyzed the “vaccines” they found them to contain sterilization drugs that rendered so many young women infertile. What are the odds?

What Else is In Those “Vaccines???” – CORVELVA

Some vaccines make sense and they have for decades. That is, so long as they are literal cures for diseases and no more. That was then. Now, it’s the same damn usual suspects pushing these autism-causing, sterility-rendering, mark of the beast miracle cures. These people are monsters. Read this study about what else goes into their Frankenstien’s mix. And, there’s always more…

How 5G Alters Hemoglobin – Natural News

The other day, I had a link to an alarmist article about 5G and the “conspiracy” that it enables COVID damage. I tried to remember something I’d read about 5G. Then, I saw this piece. 5G has been shown – when they ever bothered to study it at all – to warp human hemoglobin cells. That means the cells can’t hold or carry oxygen. That means that if you have a respiratory disease and if they put you on a respirator, then you could still die because the added oxygen just isn’t absorbed by the now defective blood cells. Funny, huh? I challenge anyone who’s interested to look at the American epicenters in the COVID “war” and see if they don’t neatly match-up with those places where 5G was rammed through without second thought or first care. There has to be much more to this than we’re being told.

Projected Dead Revised DOWN – CNN

And, recall that we were told that COVID would soon drop 100,000 – 2.2 million Americans dead. This year. Now! THE SKY IS FALLING! Now, even the Communist Fake News Network has figured out that those radical figures might have been just a little overstated. It will be interesting if we even see the revised death toll, which by the way, is no worse than a bad flu year. 

White House Knew of Dangers in January – Axios

Ask yourself why it is that whenever something bad happens it always turns out that someone in authority knew about it beforehand. How could that be? In this case, nothing is right. If they knew and they knew it was serious, why didn’t they act immediately? If they knew and thought it was nothing, why did they hype the event late in the news cycle? Uncomfortable questions with more uncomfortable probabilities behind them. Oh, but wait…

Pentagram Knew in November – Good Morning America/ABC

The DIA knew back in November of 2019. Again, same questions as above, but with a little more urgency and an exclamation point or two added. In the end, years from now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they knew about this in June or back in 2015 or even back in the early 1990s when they first started planning it out. Google “Dark Winter.” After you process the current events ramifications, then think back to 9/11/2001. Then, Google “Operation Northwoods.” 

Legacy Food Storage

We’ve All Known Being Fat Doesn’t Help – Reuters

The government and its NWO owners didn’t make Americans so heavy. Yes, they pushed the food pyramid BS, fast food, sugar, etc., but they didn’t make anyone eat it. People did that themselves to the point that the average American is fifty or more pounds heavier than our predecessors a few decades before. This adds complicating health matters that seem custom made to increase the dangers of nCoV or any other virus. What I’m trying to say, if this is a little personal to you, is: lose weight! Eat less, walk more. You’re welcome.

No Hope in Dope – Yahoo!

Hooray! The Libertarian Party has accomplished the goal of its single platform plank: weed is now legal just about everywhere and everyone who wants it can get it. Great. I hear they were going to disband the LP but suffered a mass laughing fit followed by a paranoia attack followed by forgetfulness. Anyway, pot smokers sing the praises of old Mary Jane for being the cure for darn-near anything. I’m sure in many cases they are right. But, new evidence suggests that, just like 5G and Staph, “the green” can leave lungs more susceptible to the ravages of CoronaMania. It is smoke, after all – burned leaves with inherent carcinogens. Maybe lay off or switch to the oils or cookies or … ah, who am I kidding?  … Maaan!

Pass the Tylenol – CBS 4 Miami

Originally, news out of China and Italy suggested that Advil was bad for COVID and Tylenol was good. I think I ran with that in the FP newsletter and a story or two – what I had at the time. Now, they’re saying Advil may be okay too. I don’t know but it seems that people took the Tylenol thing to heart and bought until, just like toilet paper, there’s now a semi-regional shortage of the little white pills. This story gave me a headache in the mere typing. Good grief!

‘Ma’ Says … Victims Burned Alive… – Breitbart

Okay, I’m going to call BS on this one from the start. An anonymous source in China, “Ma,” told someone that “Ma” observed living patients being stuffed into body bags and then being incinerated – alive and screaming. I ain’t buying it. The Chinese are ruthless at times, but they are efficient and not evil. If this is even partly true, then why wouldn’t they euthanize the victims while at the hospital? Why’d they let “Ma” witness this and escape. Why, in a world where everyone has a smartphone glued to their hands, don’t we have a picture, video, or TikTok of this? Probably because it didn’t happen – there. Here, I suspect the Empire and their NWO friends just might be evil enough to do something like this. Yet another really good reason to stay healthy and avoid hospitals.

Open Borders = Open Viruses – ABC News

They’re not evil, but boy do the Chinese get around, as everyone does in the new globalist paradise of Earth. Read this one! It’s all about the teeming hordes that flew into the US from infection zones. Oddly – I mean just a weird coincidence – the places where they landed, NYC, LA, Detroit, etc – are now the epicenters of our epidemic. This is globalism, friends. Is all that “tasty ethnic food” worth it now? And, let’s not forget that the Italian outbreak stemmed from a “refugee” working as a delivery boy for a “tasty ethnic food” joint. All these coincidences!

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