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Monday, April 13, 2020

What are Our Executives Up To? – National Governors Association

Now and here, we can get a glimpse without having to shell out the big bribes or venture into certain seedy establishments. It isn’t the whole story, but this site and page features the cumulative efforts of the nation’s governors to combat “the invisible enemy.” Read the state-by-state breakdown of statistics, trends, and emergency measures.

The Flat Curve Society – LOL – Jack Kerwick

Right now, maybe more than ever, we need a little humor. There’s another funny video, below. But, this article by Mr. Kerwick pokes fun at the right people at the right time – it’s a take on the Flat Earth Society, swiping at those who suddenly seem to dwell obsessively on all things Corona (except the beer). Instead of flattening the curve, they should have put the curve in perspective. Our cure may indeed be worse than the disease.

Get Ready For Round 2 – Politico

And the disease and its unbelievable effects on society might be making a comeback sooner than anyone would like. It’s almost like they’re planning this. Some sources are already predicting a summer return of the bug. But most are set on a resurgence by around November. Will we completely shutter the nation again and extend this house arrest/no contact mania? And can we afford that a second time?

Nervous Neighbors Going Stazi – Tampa Bay Times

Regardless of the costs, some people are taking things as far as they possibly can. All over the country, otherwise normal Americans are turning informant on other people just for acting like people. It’s the strangest thing I think I’ve ever seen in a lifetime of watching the strange. Read a few of these examples. Odds are, you’ve heard of some more. Just don’t add to the pile, please.

If Google Denies The Link, Then It Must Be Real – Guardian

Recently, we’ve linked to a few stories about the possible nexus between Corona and 5G tech. There’s ample room for discussion and research. However, Youtube (Google) seems to have decided already that there is no connection. Further, they have decided to silence anyone who disagrees. (Sound familiar?) If the big spy sites are opposed to something, anything, then there’s a great chance they’re trying to hide something. 

A Real Study On Chloroquine – National Institutes of Health

The fake news media has jumped on the president for suggesting what many doctors already knew: that certain forms of a malaria drug work wonders for COVID-19. Why would they do that? Why would they try to prevent the saving of any lives? Who, really, cares what the MSM does or thinks? Here’s a real medical study that does, in fact, back up Trump’s claims. I’m quick to corner him when he blunders – as in signing the largest welfare bill in history – but I also give credit when due. He’s due some.

Back To Business, When? – Wall Street Journal

Now, Trump says the biggest decision of his life is when and how to reopen the shuttered US economy. The truth is, it should have never been shut down to begin with. It was already in trouble and Corona Fever has only made things much worse. However, the sooner it starts again, the sooner we could possibly begin to address real issues like debt. For now, we wait.

Legacy Food Storage

The Great Walmart Cattle Chute – Michael Snyder

One of the few places open for business now is Walmart. But it isn’t business as usual anymore. Perhaps you’ve noticed. A week or so back, I ventured out to Wally World myself. I think I shall not return anytime soon. The place was mad enough. Then, they decided to go utterly draconian with rules, of the government’s make and their own. One woman compares the customer service experience to a cattle chute. I think she’s right.

America First! Except for Medical Masks… – The New Arab

If I recall correctly, on inaugural day back in 2017, Orange Man stood outside the Capital and proclaimed that from then on it would be America First! At the time I thought that was great. But, perhaps I remember incorrectly. Now, at a time when American doctors and nurses need supplies more than ever, especially medical masks, we learn, second-hand and through redactions, that the USofA sent a million of our (much needed) masks to the IDF. Was it America first, after Israel, of course? OM did the same thing with China. You see, in 2017, I was happy because I was tired of seeing America come dead last to our politicians. I still am.

Is A Meat Shortage Possible? – CBS 3 Philadelphia

After I left the staggering halls of Walmart, I went to Publix and Kroger. There, the shelves, some of them, were a little bare. The meat counters had been raided. There was still food, but not as much as normal. Now, certain meat processing plants are closing because of COVID. It’s not a major issue just yet. But do keep an eye on this one! If you can, in the future, maybe give thought to some backyard birds and rabbits or goats. Just saying…

New Corona Fashion!!! For The Cattle, er, The People (VIDEO) – Eric Peters

THE libertarian car guy is back with another daily installment of his series on the mania. Again, he rides by the NOT overflowing hospital while he questions his life in lockdown. Best of all, he’s injecting real humor by wearing a homemade cow ear tag for the Corona season. A must watch and maybe a trend to take up.

HaHaHa!!! Panicked Liberals Discover How Gun Control Works – Red State

You remember the liberals on gun control, right? Guns bad! Ban them! And all that? The same Coonman who has locked Virginia down wanted, just this January, to deep-six the Second Amendment. Liberals cheered. Last year, David “Not a Fraud or Actor” Hogg released a book on the same theme. Liberals cheered. Now, all hell could break loose and suddenly the liberals want to arm themselves. However, they are only now running into the laws that they demanded. And they’re upset and baffled by it. Let’s hope this episode will make us some new allies in the war for freedom!

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