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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Awesome VIDEO is back!

Kentucky Governor Threatens Christians – Mediaite

The entire First Amendment, including free exercise of religion has been fully incorporated against the States. Further, Section One of the Kentucky Bill of Rights reads: “[All men have] the right of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences.” Gov. Andy Beshear must have never read that, as he threatened to track, follow, and house arrest Easter Service worshippers. He’s concerned about saaaaaaafety. We’ll see if the voters ratify his concerns.

Fourth of July Canceled. Go Home – News & Observer

Just as well, I suppose. In a country where everyone will instantly drop everything because a cold bug said, “boo,” what utility is there in celebrating independence. Many will miss the fireworks and the food. They’ll also miss the point.

Big Tech Wants to “Help” Us – Wall Street Journal

Remember when an apple was just a fruit and Google didn’t exist? It was a mere few decades back. A happier time. Yes, then there were some who wanted to dominate society. But they had a harder row to hoe. Now, with everyone connected to everything, the job is much easier. And, all they have to do is sell it as a helping hand. Tyranny: there’s an app for that!

Bought Regulators Want to Help Big Tech – Activist Post

Low-level socialists warned that we needed government regulators to protect the people from vicious companies. There may have been some merit to the idea but it is now a moot point. See, here, what happens when those companies literally take control of the regulators. The fox now guards the 5G hen house.

Police State Watching You, Again – Reason

Big Brother will use any excuse to expand power and exert control. A scary, MUCH-hyped pandemic makes for a dandy excuse. And so, big government, in concert with big tech, is cracking down harder than ever on civil liberties and basic life functions. Will they ever give up their new powers? History says they won’t do it willingly. And they say all of this – naturally – is for our own good.

Struggling Schools Struggle Under COVID Conditions – The AJC

America’s government schools were a flaming wreck years ago. One of the best things from the Corona Mania may be the essential closure of the schools. Allegedly, the kids were going to continue learning online and remotely. Some surely do. But, in Georgia and elsewhere, this episode demonstrates terminal fraud and failure. Even if kids don’t log in or do anything, they’ll all be passed along and/or graduated. This isn’t much of a departure from the ordinary, it’s just more transparent. Why should we ever let the academy go back to the old normal?

What’s Worse Than A Pandemic? A Pandemic In A Hurricane – Yahoo

Legacy Food Storage

Trump and Dr. Chicken Little are going back and forth about when to crack up the economy. (I hope they don’t wake Sleepy Joe Biden up!) Anyway, as this thing drags on, we inevitably approach hurricane season. What happens if Florida is still locked down and suffering and a Cat 3 or 4 strikes? My guess is that it won’t be good to find out. If you live anywhere near a hurricane zone, now is the time to prepare for the terrible possibility. 

Dr. Fauci Wanted to Bankrupt Us Earlier – The Sun

Let’s give Tony Fauci the benefit of the doubt for a moment – and, boy, do I have my doubts. He’s a medical doctor and he wants to save lives. That’s great. But, Dr. Sky Is Falling should also consider that wrecking the economy, even worse than the banks were already doing, is doing harm – much like a virus. His prescription seems to be an economic collapse to cure a pandemic. And, he wanted to do it sooner, maybe harder. Who pays this guy?

We Owe (Even More Debt To) Ourselves… – Unz

The national debt was growing just fine as things were. Then, the COVID MANIA struck like a bolt of lightning. Suddenly, we’re two-four-ten trillion dollars deeper in the hole. There is no such thing as borrowing your way to prosperity. The elites, as evil as they are (and, not stupid), know this. That’s why it is becoming obvious that these insane finances are deliberate attempts to destroy America. Far worse than any disease could ever do.

JP Morgan Predicts Dire Economic News – Mediaite

Yeah. So, just a month ago, the same liars were saying we had the strongest economy in history and that the banks were well capitalized, etc. Now, BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS!, they say it’s 25% unemployment and a 40% drop in the GDP – this quarter. We’ll soon know if they’re lying about this V-shaped recovery thing. My guess is that they are. Please fasten your seat belts; we’re about to hit some turbulence.

England Locked Down For A Year?! – The Mirror

As bad as it may seem, it could always be worse. For instance, instead of being under house arrest until May or June, we might be locked in until next year. That’s what the insane health minister in the UK says. Of course, there is a chance that Americans might be told the same thing. I doubt the people in either country will put up with this much longer. But, then again…

Eric Peters Ups It A Notch (VIDEO)

And, he reviews a 2020 Volkswagen! I wonder what kind of reaction his bumper sticker garnered? I sense that just maybe the people are tired of the theater and the panic. Do skip over and watch his other video about the Corona cow tag. Humor is the medicine we all need.

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