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Thursday, April 16, 2020

WHO Is Your Master, WHO? – Paul Craig Roberts

Mr. Roberts looks at another real scientific report on the virus and contrasts reality to the psychotic dreams of Bill and Melina Gates. Gates, as you might recall, somehow conned half the world into becoming dependent on his third-rate, glitch-prone software. Now, armed with more money than King Midas, he’s on a quest to eliminate all life on Earth, er, I mean he’s on a quest to force all humans into vaccination concentration camps. And his weapon is the bought and paid for World Health Organization. And, you thought Windows 10 was bad.

Dr. Gates’s Mad Human Experiments Exposed – Zero Hedge

Somewhere and sometime between snake-oil selling his way to riches and the viral hype of the present, Bill Gates sponsored a series of “charity” medical programs to make Joseph Mengele blush. The place was Africa and the targets were the downtrodden, especially children. A prominent South African economist called the practice “ruthless and immoral.” Today, in Gates’s eyes, we are all downtrodden Africans. He’s here to “help.”

Cute Control Freak Governor Freaks Cutely – InfoWars

Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer is probably better looking than your governor. And, she’s evidently a controlling lunatic. Her COVID Crackdown is one of the harshest in the nation. She’s banned everything from seeds to carseats to American flags to ordinary human behavior. Many are going along, some applaude. A few are taking to the streets in protest. She’ll probably ban that too. Hey, Michigan! Next election, remember that it’s about your lives and freedom and not a beauty contest.

Trump and Pompous-eo Plan To Do (Soon) What Trump Promised Years Ago – Reuters

Many, many years ago, I seem to recall a politician saying we needed fewer illegals, etc. He was going to build a wall somewhere. Someone was going to pay for it. Yet and still – he must not have been elected or something – more and more incompatible foreigners flood into the US every day. Now, The Donald and his tubby Statesman plan, within seven days, to come up with a plan, yadda, yadda, that might penalize countries for not accepting the return of their own terrorists, rapists, and, I guess, a few good people. I for one, will hold my breath.

Sandbagging The Sandman – FOX “News”

All-American teenager Nick Sandman became a hero last year for merely standing still while outside. For his daring act, the entirety of the Mainstream media descended on him like a ton of fake news. He was a racist. A bigot. Some other BS names. The truth was, after he and his friends were berated by a gaggle of black “real” Israelite and/or Muslim and/or Klingon racists, he was assualted by a toothless heathen hobo named Nathan “Chief Sh!tting Bull” Phillips of the Drums-a-lot Tribe. 

Nick sued the fire out of the more eggregious offenders, and here’s hoping he continues with his successes. But, he now lives under a daily threat of violence from the pathetic, mentally-ill trash that now passes for the “American” citizenry. Why haven’t the police tracked down all of these violent threats? Probably because they just don’t care. A subtle reminder that frequently, we’re all on our own. Nick needs to gun up. You too.

Hospital Staff Overwhelmed By “Virus” – Ann Barnhardt

It’s terrible. As billions and trillions of us expire every minute from lethal battle with the “invisble enemy,” our doctors and nurses are pushed past the limits of human endurance. We definitely need to all go bankrupt – those of us who somehow survive this war – to help these brave frontline heros. Please ignore Ms. Barnhardt’s semi-sarcastic words and just watch the video. It’s heartbreaking. Watch as a whole wing staff from some hospital “shake it” on something called TikTok. Big, big booty, indeed. Let the healing begin. You go Gown Frands.

I’m glad they have a sense of humor; we need the laughs.

Legacy Food Storage

The New Reality That Will Never Go Away – RT

Some Bill Gates-financed WHO autocrat has decreed that nothing will ever be the same. The four or five of us who somehow survive the zombie apocalypse will have to alter our very human nature so as to live like slaves on the new plantation. No more shaking hands! (Booty yes, hand no….) And keep those masks on! Personally, I plan to wear a hazmat suit inside my bunker, 6,000 feet away from other people. Imagine a virus stamping on a face mask – forever.

Sun Baked Floridian Doctor Rants Uncontrollably – CBS 4, Miami

The Sunshine State’s Surgeon General, Scott Rivkees, was incensed that the WHO was stealing all the thunder. He demonstrated his loyal fealty to the hoax by declaring that no two human beings should ever come into close proximity again. Adapt! Protect yourself! Hip hop in da hospital club! Do these people consider how their advice, if taken seriously, might terminate the human race? You see, two people need to be a little closer than six feet away to summon the old stork. Oh, wait. The Gates angle. My bad.

Big Tech Seeks Your Help to “Help” You – Yahoo!

If it’s not Micro-Vaccine, it’s Google and Apple. The two latter globalist SS tech squads are developing apps to track your every move – and fight the virus! But, it seems they will need your help in doing so. Please, when the time comes, please sign up and verify yourself as a willing member of the lumbering herd. That, or pitch your phone in the river and get walking free.

Largest Welfare Measure in History Already Spent – Roll Call

Boy howdy! Good think we wisely elected all those conservative Republicans, patriots, and businessmen to shepherd us into bankruptcy. Liberals might have messed up and not enacted the – what is it now? – $200 Quadrillion CARE Boondoggle Bill. But, we got it, by the unanimous skin of our teeth. Now, only a week later, it seems they have misplaced, spent, or wasted all of the money for those small businesses the government forced to close. [GIANT BANKS ARE OKAY – DO NOT WORRY!] So, it’s back to the money tree for more loot and graft. Your electoral decisions sure are paying (the bankers) off!

Liberal Trump Trumps The Liberals – FAUX News

Conservative. Businessman. Second Coming of Ronaldus Magnus. Etc. Donald Trump is now the biggest debt and welfare spender in history. And, by the looks of things, he’s just getting started. No time to drain the swamp, build a wall, or lock up a sickly former opponent. No, he’s going to take us from a $4 TRILLION(!) annual deficit to $5 Trillion and beyond. It’s going to be a big, beautiful debt, let me tell you, bigger than you’ve ever seen. No word on whether Mexico is going to pay for it.

And The Tower Came Crashing Down – Unz

Before the Corona hoax, there was this false flag operation known forever as Nine-Eleven. Some of you over forty, who’ve somehow survived the black death, and who are still sober, may remember. Some people did some things. WTC1. WTC2. The Pentagram. TOWER SEVEN. Seven, the one that the BBC announced had collapsed long before it did, even as it appeared in the background of their shoddy fake TV coverage on the futuristic event. WTC7. That one. Nobody then noticed the oddity of the thing. So, nobody today cares that engineers have concluded that only controlled demolition could have brought it down. The boy cried, “wolf!” and the people came running.

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