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Thursday, April 2, 2020

VA: Shelter in Place … Until June –

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered citizens of the Old Dominion to continue huddling in their homes, away from work and school, until June the tenth. This is perhaps the longest of a growing number of nation-shuttering extensions. The impact on infanticide, which Northam or “Coonman” as he was called in college, legalized last year is unknown. It is equally unclear, as of yet, whether the Governor wore his trademark blackface during the pronouncement. 

Corona Vanquishes the IRS – Politico

In a move likely to improve the little virus’s social standing, the COVID-19 sent IRS agents scrambling for the safety of their homes. I suppose this means they were “non-essential” to government operations. 

Preppers Vindicated Again! – CBS Denver

How long have we been talking about bugging out and shelters? Longer than the normies and the MSM, that’s certain. But now, even they are coming around, acting surprised that some people literally planned for panicked times like these. Read about yet another survival community years ahead of their time.

Maybe There was Something About the Bats – Washington Times

The original narrative about someone eating a bat-head sandwich at a seafood market was debunked almost as fast as it appeared. Some outlets still report it for whatever reason. But, there is possibly a link between the COVID outbreak and bats. That may be because the wise Chinese sought to isolate and study deadly bat-borne illnesses, including Coronaviruses, near to Wuhan. Someone light the bat-signal.

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Corona – The AJC

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is a good man running a very good Christian college, Liberty University in Virginia. Falwell stuns the world when he announced his school was not closing in the face of the new panic. Many called him out. Were they correct? Read all about it and decide. Was this a lapse in judgment? Or, is it another case of the liberal media (and some of their worthless “conservative” friends) pilling on?

Will Social Distancing Become Permanent? – GazetteXtra

The Trump, the other day, proposed the end of handshakes as we know them. This, from a man who puts ketchup on a well-done steak. Anyway, some folks in South Korea are wondering if this trend isn’t a natural extension of our relatively new idea of “living” via little electronic screens. 

It makes sense in a perverse way: zombies don’t get sick. Why not shut the entire world out entirely? But, if you do, why not do so from the beauty of the woods or the wilderness? That, I could understand. But, the way we’re headed, we will be little islands of one in a vast yet empty archipelago of isolation. Is this the new Garden of Eden? Or, is it a preview of Hell?

Viral Epidemic of Totalitarianism – the AP

Legacy Food Storage

Read about the horrors of modern Corona life in Serbia. President Vucic aims to “Make Serbia Grovel Again.” He’s scrapped Parliament and ordered his people to self-incarcerate. It’s like the return of Yugo-Communism or something. Thank God that we, in America, only have to self-incarcerate on the orders of “Coonman” while our Congress spends the nation into debt oblivion.

END THE FED? – Dr. Ron Paul / LRC

Dr. Paul is probably the most honorable man to serve in Congress since the early 19th Century. Yet, his time is over and the government has gone in a direction completely opposite of his recommended path. The Federal Reserve will come to an abrupt end one day. But, I do not think the time is yet upon us. (And, woe, that). Rather, I think we’re seeing the reverse – the Fed is co-opting and subsuming the Treasury and maybe the whole federal government. Still, hope springs eternal.

Become the Masked Man – Yahoo! News

Some say that face masks do not stop the viral intrusion. Others say that masks facilitate things like bank robberies. Even so, those crazy professionals and experts at the CDC toy with the idea of having everyone wear masks, everyone, and presumably, forever. What think you of this? I, myself, am shopping for a Guy Fawkes mask, ala “V for Vendetta.”

When the Shelves are Empty – Michael Snyder

Mike is a great guy, who runs some very informative sites. He may get a little too caught up sometimes, but that may beat the do-nothing alternative. Using the example of every supermarket in America at the moment, he correctly points out the failings of the modern supply chain. That chain is more suited for a thin decorative necklace than holding up a ship’s anchor. We – again, the prepper angle – have known that the stores only have three day’s worth of goods at any given time. It really did only take the slightest disruption. And, they called us “hoarders.”

The End of the Dollar as Reserve Currency? – Bloomberg

Bloomberg sings the Krone, but it was the Pound that the Dollar displaced as the chosen money of the world during the mid-20th Century. In the 21st, with the financial collapse – in addition to! the Coronavirus – we stand to lose that position. What would that mean for the average American? It would be the end of the world. But, it would be a large change. 

An Insider Confesses – RT

Mitchell Feierstein, a long-time banker, spills the beans on the utter fraud and chaos that has dominated Wall Street for two generations – or more. We lost pure capitalism a long time ago. In its place, we now have crony corporatism, which bleeds dry any semblance of value, impoverishing us as it enriches the elites. For perspective: these are the same thieves that told us to shun gold as a fool’s antique even while they bought up every last ounce they could find. Now, they’ve done it again – wrecking the economy and demanding our taxes ride to their rescue. How much more? How many more times?

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