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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

They Didn’t Have To Shut Down The Economy – Unz

But they did anyway. The US and most other modernized nations have almost completely ground to a halt in the wake of Corona Hysteria. Sweden, however, didn’t give in to the panic and the fear. They wisely left their schools, businesses, shops, and churches open for business. In the place of a complete authoritarian clampdown, the Swedes opted for a measured and targeted approach aimed at promoting better overall health while reserving quarantine for those actually at risk. It’s working. And the Swedes will be in a better position when this is over as their economy won’t be utterly destroyed. Hindsight for the rest of us.

Debt: The US “Cure” All – Stamford Advocate

Instead of doing something intelligent – like treating the sick – America’s idiot leaders opted to crash the already flagging economy. In place of revenues and profits, we have bailouts and debt. And more debt. And some more debt on top of the other debt. All this followed on the heels of existing record debt. This is a tiny problem. The old saying is that one cannot borrow one’s way to prosperity. If all the value is sucked out by financialization and usury, there is nothing left over for innovation, maintenance, and living. This is the real and not-so-invisible enemy. Can we fight it off?

Yay! Even More Debt Coming – CNBC

Of course, we can’t fight the obvious enemy. We’re in love with it and the false sense of normalcy it temporarily brings. “Mr. Foreclosure” Mnuchin and San Fran Gran Nan have just about hammered out a new deal for even more funny money to prop up failing businesses that cannot operate because they were outlawed by Mnuchin, Pelosi and Co. You’ll get the bill for this one day. It’s going to be rather steep. 

Bread Lines in Soviet Amerika – TMZ

People used to circle the streets of Miami Beach looking for a parking place so they could enjoy the sands, bars, trendy shops, and so forth. It was fun, if a little hot and hectic. Now, some of the same folks are driving around, trying to get in line for free groceries. They used to have jobs and dignity. Now, they’re relying on handouts to survive. It’s the same in LA, New York, and in other places. Land of the free (lunch), home of the (Corona) slave.

Buying Trends 2020 – CNBC

Some people still have a little money. Sure, they’re spending it on food and toilet paper (limit: one roll per family per day). They’re also spending money on other things to keep them occupied while they’re under mass house arrest for crimes committed by the banksters and the political elites. Books are flying off the digital shelves – most physical stores are closed. I wonder if they’ll read a little history about how the lording classes always loot and pillage at everyone else’s expense. Maybe they’ll buy a little rope.

It Was NOT Bat Soup At A Fish Market! – Medium

Turn on the television (at your own risk) and you’ll still hear some of the liars still lying about the already disproven story about bats at the wet market. There are thousands of those in Asia and they do not ordinarily release deadly pathogens. But, there is one next to a virus lab in Wuhan. Someone let something slip there. We need to find out who, why, and who was behind the operation. It may not be who you’d think.

Kill The Children! – RT

Before the “Bat Soup” incident in China, Americans had already murdered about 60 million of their own children – since 1973. The trend continues and appears to be speeding up. This regional increase in abortions may be coming from overflow from states where the practice has been temporarily suspended. Or, this could be a sign that this is an utterly wicked nation, deserving of retribution. In a time when people could return to the traditional, they instead embrace evil. That says something.

Legacy Food Storage

Christians Being Arrested For Being Christians – Breitbart

Imagine a country so wicked and degenerated that church services were banned by law and worshipers were tracked down and arrested. This being in the 21st Century, too. In China, online Christians are being hauled away by the police for praising Jesus Christ on Zoom. Thank God we live in America, where the churches are closed and people are only arrested for in-person witness and fellowship. Abortions, okay; churches closed…

Science! Viable Fusion Inches Towards Reality – Aisa Times

Good news, for a change! Scientists and engineers (more engineers, really) keep pushing the boundaries in creating cheap, sustainable nuclear fusion power. Read about the advances. We may still have some time before “Mr. Fusion” powers a home or car perpetually, but we’re getting closer. 

Flight Of The Dragon – The Verge

America hasn’t had an operational crewed spaceship for nine years now, since the retirement of the Shuttle. That is scheduled to change on May 27, when Nasa and SpaceX launch the new Dragon capsule to the ISS. This is essentially Apollo-Gemini technology, sixty years later, but aimed at visiting an outdated and virtually useless orbiting motel. It isn’t Star Wars by any means. But, at least we won’t be hitching rides with the Russians again for a while. 

More Down-To-Earth Vehicles For Preppers – Prepping Guide

Corona Mania has all of us effectively bugged in, like it or not. I suspect not. Anyway, there may still come a time to drive out of Dodge. And a bug out vehicle – and not the Dragon ship – will be in order. Here’s a list of seven candidates along with some tips and theories. You don’t have to go all out. A generic Ram of Toyota pickup makes for a great escape. 

28 Truths To Face – Survival Mom

Were all the preps for The End Of The World As We Know It in vain? We’re there already and this thing just looks like loafing around the house wearing a mask. Where are the zombies and fallout we were promised?! Anyway, Mom has some things to think about for this and future situations. No, not everyone will survive. (And it isn’t worth it to the rest of us to shut down the world on that account!). Read the whole list. Take off your mask.

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