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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Big Zuck Strikes Again – Breitbart

I know many of you come to FP everyday from FB, Facebook, or as I like to call it, “Farcebook.” We’ve had tremendous success with the page and group and our videos are produced for Facebook. Volume, I get it. But, Farcebook and Mark Zuckerberg are not your friends, friends. We’ve known that for at least six years. Now, despite claiming to want a discussion about the virus and resulting hysteria, Markie Z brags about banning those who don’t tow the government/medical/big pharma line. Preppers, of all people, should beware of a service that spys on them and limits information. (I expect this blurb may be banned by FB; oh well).

The Beauty of Older Cars – Eric Peters

Mr. Libertarian Car Guy, EP, writes another great post about great older cars. Those made before the 1980s offer a simplicity and a reliability that the rolling computers of today can’t touch. They don’t spy on you, they can’t be disabled remotely or hacked, and they’re easy to work on. But, they’re in limited supply. Get one now if you have the inclination. Stock up on parts too while you’re at it. Happy (free) motoring.

The Rich Had A Plan – Do You? – MSN

The elites, for years now, have maintained a subtle bias against preppers and survivalists – crazy conspiracy theorists, they called us. But, at the same time, the same elites had similar prepper plans. Hypocrisy. And, when the China bug appeared, they made full use of their resources – even if they couldn’t remember how to unlock the bunker doors. Let this be another lesson that we’re on the right track.

Total (Temporary) Ban on Immigration – Daily Mail

While our elites abandoned us for places like New Zealand (can’t really blame them on the choice), a veritable horde of third-worlders still clamored to come into America. That has been the intentional plan since 1965, a population shift if not a replacement. There was a design to it. Now, for the first time ever, President Trump is using the virus as an excuse to halt the flow – totally. A great move, Mr. President! More outsiders coming into a wrecked nation is like a flow of gas into a fire. This is literal MAGA.

“Helping” Those Small Businesses – Yahoo!

Remember the bailout? The Billion$ for small businesses that were forced to close because of the hysteria? That was supposed to help Mom ‘n Pop operations keep people employed. Don’t worry – the money ran out after a week. But, it seems that many larger corporations were ready at the head of the line. And they scooped up tons of cash. A few are returning the money. Where will what little that comes back go next?

Foreign Companies Stealing Our Money – CTech

That’s right! “Our” bailout money, much of it, is going to Israel and other exotic locations outside of America! Remember the big bankster bailout after the Great Recession? Much of that money went to foreign banks. So, this is nothing new. It’s just something wrong. The foreigners don’t vote. You do. Remember all of this in November.

Looting The Next Stimulus – Reuters

When Trillions and Trillions of dollars aren’t enough to prop up a failed economy, the kind Congress just dumps more fuel on the fire. And, the Pentagram is in line – despite it’s massive existing budget – to make sure its “vital” contractors get a (really big) piece of the pie. It’s like a mafia operation, except you’re supposed to thank them for their service. You can vote to ratify this – or, not.

Legacy Food Storage

The Chinese Say The Darndest Things – Breitbart

It’s true that nobody is exactly sure where the virus that first affected China really came from. Odds are it was from China. But, they’re saying other things too. Like that America is a “primitive” society. That’s a little off and a little simple; America is more fearful, paranoid, retarded, and hedonistic than … okay, primative works too. But, they’re wrong about democracy dying here. That’s been dead for so long it’s not worth thinking about. America is technically a combined oligarchy and ochlocracy, elites and the mob conspiring to destroy themselves. If primative really means “suicidally stupid,” then okay.

Southern States Prepare to “Return to Normal” – MSN

But, slowly. One step at a time, none of them to please Dr. Fauci. Read here about plans in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina to reopen the economy, in little stages. Fear not! The tattoo parlor will be open again by next week…

Life in the Cage – Taki’s Mag

David Cole examines some of the psychology behind Americans’ willingness to self arrest and confine based on specious science. Do you like your house arrest? If so, great – just leave the rest of us to our lives, please. We’ve really been setting ourselves up for this for decades. One little mistake at a time, sacrificing our freedom for false saaaaafety. A plan to make the Chinese look accurate.

The WHO Would Have Us Caged Forever – Mirror

The control freaks at the highly suspect World Health Organization would just as soon have people under house arrest indefinitely. Or, at least until such time (if any) as Bill Gates can custom craft a vaccine and/or sterilization drug for the masses. They keep calling it the new normal. I call it the same old totalitarianism. Reject it.

The New Normal Looks Like An Ancient Legend – Fast Company

The good people of Austria, Survival Lilly excepted, must be succumbing to Corona Fever. They’ve planned out an urban park specifically designed to impose social distancing on the public. What’s the point? The park looks like a maze. Will it also feature a man-eating Minotaur lurking within? Would people even notice? I suppose the bull had better wear a mask…

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